“There Are Only Two Genders” Appeal Proceeds to Next Stage

Last week, MFI and Alliance Defending Freedom filed our final brief with the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Liam Morrison’s case, asking the Court to reverse the decision below that denied Liam his right to free speech at school.

As you’ll remember, Liam is the courageous Middleborough 7th-grader who went viral last spring when he was sent home from school for wearing a shirt that stated, “There Are Only Two Genders.” When the school would not back down from its unconstitutional censorship, MFI partnered with ADF to sue the school in federal court. Incredibly, the lower court sided with the school and concluded that Liam’s shirt “invaded the rights of other students” because it featured a message that might make them feel uncomfortable based on their “gender identities.” We immediately appealed this decision to vindicate Liam’s First Amendment rights. The case is now fully briefed and will be scheduled for oral arguments. 

No student should be sent home from school for expressing basic truths about reality, even if those truths make some people upset. If the freedom of speech only means the freedom to say things that don’t offend other people, then it doesn’t mean anything at all. Please continue to pray for Liam, for successful oral arguments before the appeals court, and victory for free speech!

Help us continue to defend the fundamental rights of citizens in the Commonwealth today! 

For our families,

MFI Staff Attorney


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