Biden Rule Will Force Foster Parents to Affirm LGBT Ideology

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It seems the headlines inform us almost every day of new attacks on our faith, families, and freedom. That’s why organizations like MFI are so important. We stay alert to threats and take quick action to secure our rights, especially when it comes to the fundamental right of religious freedom. 

The latest attack comes in the form of a proposed Biden rule change that will force foster parents to affirm LGBT ideology or be denied the chance to offer a loving home to children in crisis.

MFI staff attorney, Sam Whiting recently submitted a comment to the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services expressing deep concern about the impact this proposed rule would have on religious families and foster children in MA and across the country.

He stated, “This rule will force many religious foster pastors out of the foster care system because it will require them to abandon their religious beliefs about sex and gender in order to accommodate sexual and gender confusion on the part of foster children. In disqualifying such religious parents, the rule would also greatly reduce the amount of available foster families for children who desperately need to be placed in loving homes.”

Sam in his comment cited a story from MA as an illustration of how this rule would discriminate against religious families by denying qualified couples from fostering children who need a home. “These concerns are not merely theoretical; here in Massachusetts, the type of anti-religious discrimination that this rule would impose has already reared its ugly head. Last year, Mike and Kitty Burke, a devout Catholic couple who felt called by God to foster children in need, applied to become foster parents in Massachusetts. The Burkes underwent extensive training, interviews, and a home study, and passed with flying colors. But solely because the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) ultimately determined that their Catholic faith would prevent them from being “supportive” of LGBT children, they were denied the opportunity to foster.”

Read Sam’s full comment on the proposed Biden rule change that would discriminate against religious families and deny foster children loving homes >>> here

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