The Massachusetts Family Institute recognizes that God created human beings male and female. We believe that inherent differences between men and women are a reflection of God’s glory, reflecting the interpersonal nature of the created order.

MFI stands with Christians throughout history in affirming that marriage embodies the union of male and female—and that sexuality can only be truly valued and enjoyed within the context of marriage. Data from social science confirms that the Bible’s view of marriage leads to more fulfilling relationships and healthier children. At the same time, we call on Christians to show biblical compassion to all who struggle with issues related to sexuality and gender identification.

MFI seeks to uphold the rights of people of faith to practice and espouse their beliefs without having their freedom or livelihood threatened by censorship, government mandates, discrimination, and other forms of hatred. To that end, we seek to build coalitions of religious groups, including religious Jews and other communities, on areas where we have shared values.

We further believe that the male and female sexes are an essential and beautiful part of an individual’s created nature—not an arbitrary social construct “assigned at birth.” We oppose efforts to forcibly diminish or erase differences between the sexes and create a genderless society. We seek to combat efforts to degrade the dignity and safety of women by eroding or abolishing female-specific spaces like restrooms, locker rooms, and athletic competitions.

Finally, we believe that safeguarding the innocence of childhood is central to children’s healthy spiritual and mental development. We denounce the practice of exposing young children to graphic sexualized content. We believe that the irreversible chemical castration and mutilation of children in the name of gender ideology is a grave form of child abuse.

For these reasons, we seek to safeguard the sanctity of the home and parental rights from government indoctrination and interference. We believe that human sexuality education belongs in the home, where parents can teach their children based upon their own moral and religious beliefs.


Sex Ed in MA is a helpful resource to encourage parents and combat the sexualization of children.