As our country faces countless threats to our liberties, one of our greatest American priorities must be the preservation of family freedoms. Freedom is a generational blessing, and unless we preserve our right to a relationship with our children, freedom cannot be passed on. Parents are ultimately responsible for the care and well-being of their children. And social science tells us that, generally, children are safer and happier within a traditional family with a mom and a dad.

Parents have the unique ability and duty to shape their child’s character and worldview, but they face many challenges and choices today. For years, government bureaucrats have worked from the perspective that parents are the problem and government is the solution. From education to health care decisions involving their kids, parents are all too often being undermined by the very institutions that should be supporting them.

At MFI, we seek to educate and equip parents to defend their rights as parents from outside forces. In order to fulfill their responsibility as parents, mothers and fathers must have the authority to do so. We also strive to be a resource for parents seeking to lead their children through many of the most controversial issues of our day.


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