MA schools are sexualizing students through the use of comprehensive sexuality education curriculum currently being taught in health class.

MFI believes that the best place for youth to learn about sex is in the home, within the context of a loving and trusting parent-child relationship.

Parents are the primary teachers of their children and as such, they are uniquely qualified to provide the moral framework needed for healthy sex education.

In our hyper-sexualized culture, students receive many negative messages about sex.

Meaningful conversations with parents are the most effective way to counteract these destructive messages and to equip and empower young people to remain abstinent until marriage.

We do acknowledge that not every student has the support they need at home and some students might benefit from biologically based sex education in school. Research has shown that Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs produce the best outcomes by encouraging youth to avoid risky behaviors that lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual harm. SRA programs emphasize developing healthy relationships and delaying sexual activity until marriage, communicating the clear message that sexual delay is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy, STIs and other negative consequences of teen sex.


MA law allows parents to opt their children out of sex ed lessons and surveys. Many surveys being given to students include sexual content. Use our sample opt out letters.

Some content presented in school, through storybooks read in elementary classrooms, school assemblies, and other classroom activities conflicts with families' beliefs regarding human sexuality and gender. Use our sample teacher letter to request an accommodation to opt your children out of these activities.

Sex Ed and Surveys Know your rights

As the parent of a child in a MA primary or secondary public school, you have the right to opt out of sex ed lessons and surveys. Read our informative PDF.

Ed Sex Conoce Tus Derechos

Los padres tienen derecho a excluir a sus hijos de la educación sexual y las encuestas en las escuelas públicas. Lea nuestro PDF informativo.

Sexually Explicit Content in Schools

Despite what you may hear from your local school officials, nothing in MA law requires schools to provide children with sexually explicit books or lessons.

What Sex Ed Curriculum is Being Used in Your District?

Resources being used in MA schools to teach sex ed are evaluated to see whether they contain the following harmful elements:

  1. Sexualizes children
  2. Promotes diverse sexualities
  3. Promotes transgenderism
  4. Promotes abortion
  5. Undermines parents or parental rights

Search your school district on our interactive Sex Ed Map:

Gathering information from around the state is an ongoing project. Use this sample email to request information from your district. If you already know what curriculum is in use in your district, but do not see it included on this map, or if you receive a response from a request sent to your district, please contact Mary Ellen Siegler.

So NOW what?

Unfortunately, instead of implementing a healthy SRA approach to sex ed in our public schools, our state legislature, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Planned Parenthood, and others are pushing to mandate a much different approach to sex ed through the use of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. CSE is a specific type of graphic sexuality education that promotes sexual rights for children and serves as a how-to manual, encouraging teens to become sexually active. 

In fact, nearly 1 in 4 teens who receive this type of sex ed say that it makes them feel like having sex is an expectation. Equally concerning is that CSE is designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society by promoting diverse sexualities and perpetuating the dangerous transgender trend affecting our youth.

Get involved at Massachusetts Informed Parents on Facebook!

Join 1,000s of Bay State parents who want to stay informed about issues related to sex education in MA schools. Become a member of the Massachusetts Informed Parents Facebook group, equipping parents, protecting kids. 

Massachusetts Informed Parents | Facebook

In an effort to mobilize a grassroots movement of parents and concerned citizens to sound the alarm about the implementation of CSE in our schools and to push back against the loss of local control over educational decisions, the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) initiative was launched in the fall of 2019 as an outreach of MFI. MIP endeavors to equip parents to protect their kids through the sharing of relevant information, including articles, research, and exhibits from the curriculum, and by providing tools and strategies for helping parents to effect change in their local communities. MIP is growing a large coalition of parents and faith and community leaders by leveraging the power of social media and by fostering one on one relationships through parent forums being held across the state. To stay informed on issues related to sex education and for updates on the Sex-Ed Mandate legislation, join the MIP group on FB. Contact Mary Ellen Siegler if you would like to schedule a parent forum for your church or community group.

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6 months ago

I attended my second grade child’s Open house and the teacher pulled out a stuffed crab and said that it was the class “pet” and the kids can take turns bringing him home. His name
Is Ringo she said and the crab is nonbinary. These teachers aren’t even trying to hide it they are so brazen.

I asked my daughter about Ringo and asked if it was a boy or girl and she said “neither” that the teacher said we can call it “they/them”.

What are my options? Reach out to the teacher directly? Several parents are pissed.
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Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1466955180488145

Consider it a teaching moment with your child and discuss crab life cycle/reproduction. You can then explain that since it's not a real crab they can pretend its a boy or girl. Facts matter

This is such an insidious way to introduce a completely unscientific concept to little kids. Reaching out to the teacher directly via email is the first place to start. I don't anticipate the teacher changing their practice because this is clearly intentional, but the fact that you reached out to them first and did not receive resolution gives you a reason to speak with the principal next, request that your child be moved to a different class, etc.

This sucks. Sadly- and public schools which receive state funding (all of them), are forced to implement the SEL curriculum. That is just a foot in the door for everything else… At this point, the only thing option is private school. People are getting pretty tired of it. It's time to use your voice. Speak out to friends- people at the grocery store, gas pump, line at Dunks- anywhere you can. Good luck

Karen you will need to address this via email. Ask the other parents to step up as well. Stronger together.

I am so pissed for you ! I choose private school because of this. Once in public my gut feeling was it’s going to be in everything and I would have little support. Everyday it would be a new thing. I sure hope you find avenues. Best of luck

These teachers need a talking to.. WTF?

Start talking to those parents. Agree on strategies to respond to children.

Teach your child to be a leader and say no that’s incorrect. It’s not a they them- that is improper English. Since it is fake it can be whatever we decide a boy or girl but it is NOT a they/them. These teachers are sick.

All the parents should teach the kids to teach the teacher. Educate them on crab anatomy and let them teach her. You parents should also e-mail her cc the principal and super with scientific data on crab gender and English rule for them/they use. And tell them they need to start teaching facts not fiction or a lawsuit may be necessary.

I would blast the teacher and opt out of all of this

Karen, seriously?!…this is totally unacceptable!…I would bond with the other parents who are unhappy about it and go directly to the principal…this should NOT be allowed!…

Then maybe you could suggest reading Johnny the Walrus to the class and bring in a stuffed animal to go along with it. Here’s a few lines from my districts library resource policy. “In accordance with the District's policy of providing instructional materials on opposing sides of controversial issues, it should be noted that neither the media centers nor the District serve as advocates for the ideas expressed in any materials, nor does the presence of any material indicate automatic endorsement of the ideas expressed therein.”



Thank you! It's time to protect our children from filth

Gather up those parents, stay with in arms length forms groups. Make parents aware, spread awareness!

Go to the school committee! Principle and Superintendent!!

All of you are ridiculous. It’s a stuffed animal. I would hope it is non-binary. It’s a stuffed animal.

If kids oppose this publicly in school they will be targeted and vilified. For the sake of your children, teach them what grooming is. I hate to say this because they are young and innocent and should be able to stay that way during these years, but they need an internal defense mechanism.

Viote every liberal Democrat out


This is Disgusting!!! 😡😡😡

I would go straight to the principal and school board. There's no one left to defend our children

1st of all, the fact that this “pet” goes home with the kids, is disgusting. Never mind the fact that a simple, innocent “class pet” has turned into a tool to manipulate our BABIES. This teacher needs an email, and copy all the school administration/committee members. You have to find the other parents who think like you, who are not afraid to speak up as well!! This insanity won’t be won if you are the only one fighting. Second grade is for math facts and sight words. Leave the BS indoctrination out of it! Actually, if you want to message me the teacher email, I’d be happy to send an email with you.

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6 months ago

Does anyone have any information specific to West Boylston school curriculum information? I don’t know where to begin to find the information for the elementary school. My daughter is in 4th grade. She has alopecia and her hair is just starting to grow back in in some spots. She said that some newer kids had thought she was a boy because of her hair. I’m nervous about any of this crazy material being taught or promoted in her school and it resulting in kids or staff using her hair as a reason to push any of this gender BS on her. See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1464767284040268

Mary Ellen Siegler do we have any info on West Boylston?

DM me and i can help point u in the right direction

I do not have any information on West Boylston. I would send an email to your child's teacher to ask if any sex education topics and / or puberty education is taught in 4th grade. There is a sample email request in the files section of the group that you can adapt for your purposes. Many districts teach puberty education in 5th grade, but some teach it in 4th grade. I have found references to transgender ideology in some puberty curriculum. Also, there is a letter link in the post pinned to the top of the page titled "Opt Out of Sex Ed and Surveys." Use the letter to request your child not be exposed to transgender ideology taught in school.

6 months ago

Hi All, I am desperately seeking a small private school for elementary grades that is not pushing DEI. I am starting to line up visits to some schools and am not sure what questions to ask. Should I ask about if they receive DEI funding? I read something the other day about COVID funding being given in exchange for Schools pushing DEI. I don’t want to make a bad impression but also do not want to go with another school pushing this agenda. Any question suggestions? See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 691040948079576_1464186554098341

Check out these questions from Courage is a Habit. You can adapt them for your meeting.

Jessica Brtt

What area?

Mount hope Christian school in Burlington

Not sure where you are but Mullein Hill Christian in Lakeville or Kings Academy, Swansea

My daughter started at South Lancaster Academy this year. It's a private school but priced quite affordably. Very small. One classroom per grade essentially from K up to 12th. They are Adventist, but open to anyone as long as a spot is available.

Saint Agnes School/Arlington Catholic in Arlington Ma.

JEM Learning – it's a homeschool co-op on a farm in Duxbury. If interested contact Ellen Arcese! We love it there.

Metrowest Christian academy in Ashland!

If you are near by check out Crossroads Christian School in Pelham, NH

Where are you located? We are a small co op in duxbury on a cranberry bog and pet sanctuary – JEM Learning

The Imago School, Maynard, MA

Bradford Christian Academy.

Life Rediscovered is a homeschool school like this 🙂

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More Helpful Resources

Watch this short movie about CSE: | PROTECT THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN (
Learn how to protect children from sexualization in your school district: MIP-Action-Item-List.pdf (
Opt Out Letter (English): SexEdOptOut.pdf (
Opt Out Letter (Spanish): SexEdOptOut_Spanish.pdf (
Request that your child be opted out of LGBT themed content (English): Accommodation Request Teacher Letter English
Request that your child be opted out of LGBT themed content (Spanish): Accommodation Request Teacher Letter Spanish
Learn about a healthier approach to teaching sex ed in schools:
 Youth. Sex. Relationships. – We Ascend
Learn why we should oppose the Sex Ed Mandate: Sex-Ed-Mandate-Talking-Points-Curriculum-Examples-11_2021.pdf (
Want to exit the public school system? See our list of MA Christian schools:
Private school not an option for your family? See our list of homeschooling and hybrid educational resources: MFI_Homeschool-Hybrid-Educational-Resources_112021.pdf (

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