Stay Awake, Not Woke with the MFI Book Club

The MFI Book Club with Refresh Ministries invites you to join us on January 20th, at 7 PM for an evening with the author of Do Not Comply, Will Witt!

Will Witt is a media personality, international speaker, short film and documentary director, cultural commentator, national best-selling author, and editor-in-chief of The Florida Standard. He speaks on political and cultural issues, emphasizing how freedom-loving Americans can save this country.  

In his new book, Do Not ComplyWill contributes a provocative expose deconstructing the misguided policies and adventures of America’s political, pharmaceutical, tech, media, and financial institutional elite and offers us surprising takeaways. 

Following Will’s inspiring talk, there will be a live panel discussion with MFI’s new President, Ian Huyett, elaborating on the dangers of the corrupt forces threatening our nation and families. Will and Ian will give special attention to how these dangers are impacting students here in the Bay State.

MA citizens, community and faith leaders, and college students seeking the truth won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from Will about how to stay awake, not woke, and to stand against the elite forces seeking to control us! 

Order your copy of Do Not Comply by Will Witt here and read more about this exciting event on our Book Club page here. Click the link below to register now. We hope to see you there!


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