On #GivingTuesday Protect Faith, Family, and Freedom in MA!

Dear Friend of the Family, 

The victories that MFI is winning to defend faith, family, and freedom are reverberating across the Commonwealth. MFI stands up to protect what is most precious to us, our faith and our families. On this #GivingTuesday give a gift to help us continue our mission of strengthening MA families.

MFI Speaks Up to Defend Our Values on Beacon Hill

MFI Safeguards Children in Education

MFI’s campaign to educate parents about their right to opt their kids out of pornographic sex education continues to be a massive success in Worcester and beyond. This year, we saw almost 4,000 (about 25% of the entire secondary student population!) opt out of sex ed in Worcester, a new record. MFI has empowered parents to exercise their rights and protect their kids. MFI has also prepared pro-family leaders for battle through our new candidate campaign training that gives people the tools they need to win elections and secure positions of influence in their local school district. MFI has also supported alternative school options in MA and partnered with Christian education leaders and churches to offer flexible and innovative educational solutions.

MFI Helped Achieve Victories for Free Speech in Newburyport

Working with local and national partners, MFI helped secure a $10,000 settlement and apology from the Newburyport city government after the mayor tore down a conservative group’s event flyers because he did not like their message. What’s more, MFI convinced Newburyport Public Schools to drop their requirement that students sign a problematic “diversity, equity, and inclusion” pledge in order to play sports. These free speech wins set precedents that will have an impact far beyond Newburyport. 

MFI Stands Up to the Unjust Targeting of Pregnancy Resource Centers and Defeats Anti-Life Ordinances

For the past year, MFI has worked to protect Bethlehem House, a PRC located in Easthampton, from unlawful attacks. The Easthampton City Council with its proposal of a discriminatory and unconstitutional ordinance meant to silence their speech and target them for unfair treatment. MFI mobilized advocates who spoke up to defend life and question the legality of this ordinance during public hearings. MFI also sent a letter to the City Council and an email to the mayor warning that the City may be opening itself up to a lawsuit over the unnecessary and biased ordinance. Although the City Council still voted in favor of the ordinance, the mayor vetoed it, and the veto was upheld in a subsequent vote of City leaders. 

MFI helped secure a similar victory in Worcester when the City Council there was also considering anti-life ordinances that would restrict the life-saving work of PRCs. MFI actively engaged with the City Council to make it clear that passing the ordinances would be the wrong move. We helped rally many local advocates to speak at City Council meetings, including past clients of Worcester PRCs. And we sent three separate legal letters over the course of multiple months to inform the Council that if the ordinances passed, they should expect a lawsuit. Because of MFI’s efforts, the City Council voted 7-4 to table the ordinances indefinitely, effectively killing them.

MFI Can Do Even More with Your Support

We hope you are encouraged knowing that MFI is making a difference for your family in the Commonwealth.  

Your support on #GivingTuesday will enable us to win more victories and advance the MFI mission of safeguarding faith, family, and freedom in MA.

For our families,

Kent Scott, Director of Advancement


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