Run for Local Office! We’ll Train You!

Register for our dynamic Campaign Candidate Training on Saturday, January 6th!

Protect children from sexualization and indoctrination in MA schools and safeguard parental rights! Protect faith, family, and freedom in your city or town!

Run for school committee, library trustee, board of health, city or town council, or other local office. We’ll train you!

Our dynamic training will give you the tools you need to run and win a campaign for municipal office. You’ll learn how to build a target voter list, organize volunteers, create effective messaging, advertise, develop a campaign budget and finance plan, and much more.

The cost to register is $20. In-person training includes a light breakfast and lunch.

The students, parents, and families in your community need YOU to advocate for them as a member of your local government! Register for training today!

If you are interested in helping a candidate run or learn more about running a winning campaign, we encourage you to register too!


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