Did you miss the MFI Book Club? Watch the recording!

Did you miss the MFI Book Club? Don’t worry. We recorded it for you!

Last night, we gathered virtually to discuss the book Strange New World with the author Carl Trueman. We investigated the flawed academics and philosophers of the Romantics to the New Left, and how their ideas sifted into society’s worldview, bringing us to the current cultural crisis. We learned how the modern-day confusion surrounding personhood and morality became politicized. And we discussed the need to strengthen our churches and communities so we can stand together for biblical truth against this societal tide. If you couldn’t join us, the recorded discussion is below!

As crazy as the world has become, Carl Trueman expressed how encouraged he is to see people of faith waking up to the threats against our families and our freedom. MFI is encouraged too. Working together with faith leaders, parents, and concerned citizen groups across the state, MFI is standing up to promote our shared values and protect against attacks to life, parental rights, the definition of male and female, and our constitutional right to religious liberty. From supporting pastor story hours in local libraries, to training candidates to run for school committee, growing the OPT OUT of graphic sex ed movement, and more, MFI is courageously engaging the culture and equipping people of faith to do the same.

The staff of MFI speaks regularly in MA churches, educating and inspiring the body of Christ to be winsome witnesses for truth and righteousness in the public square. If you are interested in hosting MFI at your church, email our Director of Community Alliances Michael King at [email protected]

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For our families,

Andrew Beckwith, President & General Counsel


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