Popular Children’s Book Fairs in MA Public Schools are Grooming Kids

Scholastic Book Fairs are held all the time in MA schools (click this link to see if one is scheduled at your child’s school). You probably have fond memories of book fairs from when you were a kid, yet today’s book fairs are not the same as you might remember.

In 2024, if you allow your child to attend a Scholastic Book Fair they might come home with a book that teaches them about gender confusion or diverse sexualities. What’s worse is, you might not even be able to tell if a book includes these topics just by looking at the cover! Discovering these topics in a book for children might surprise parents, but Scholastic is fully aware of the content they are peddling to young children. With “Pride Month” just around the corner, they recently released a Read with Pride Resource Guide, written coincidentally by a children’s librarian in Somerville, MA.

On the last few pages of the Guide Scholastic includes an “LGBTQIA+ Book List,” actively promoting books containing discussion about sexual attraction, transgender identities, and other confusing and age-inappropriate topics related to human sexuality.

If this book list was the only disturbing thing in the Read with Pride Resource Guide, well, that would be enough for sane parents to be alarmed. But unfortunately, it isn’t.

Conservatives are ridiculed when they suggest that LGBT activists are intentionally embedding their agenda in children’s minds through the inclusion of “queer” characters in books, TV shows, and other media. Woke activists claim these efforts are solely for “representation” to prevent bullying among kids. But in Scholastic’s Guide, they admit that they intend on “expanding” the way children thinks about sexuality and gender.

The introductory letter to educators, caregivers, and advocates on p. 2 of the Guide states:  

“Books and literature are never neutral; by engaging with queer literature for children and young adults, you are disrupting the status quo that implies being cisgender, heterosexual, and allosexual are the default. You are showing children an expanded way of thinking and being that validates all children and all people.”

In other words, the ideologues at Scholastic believe children are sexual – that they can be “queer.” Not only are they aware that their books introduce these destabilizing adult topics to kids, but it’s also their entire goal to do so.

They also think it’s completely normal for your kids to wonder if they are “allocishet,” “biromantic,” or “pansexual,” and they want your child’s teachers to be prepared to actively engage them on the topic.

If that’s not enough, they want teachers to be provided with resources that help them facilitate social gender transition for children at school, without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Read the entire Guide here.

“Pride Month” is officially beginning this weekend. Parents must remain vigilant to protect their children from LGBT indoctrination in school, most especially in June. MA public schools are committed to using this month to amplify discussions of sexuality and gender confusion in K-12 classrooms.

Parents should be proactive and ask their child’s teacher and school officials about everything that is being planned for “Pride Month.” Use our sample accommodation letter to request that your child be excused from Pride-themed activities. Reach out to MFI if you have questions or need help advocating for your parental rights and your child’s safety. Contact us at [email protected].

Finally, be sure to join the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) Facebook group if you haven’t already. MIP is an outreach of MFI, keeping thousands of Bay State parents stay up to date about issues in MA schools. You won’t want to miss MIP’s “Pride Watch 2024,” where we will gather intel from parents on what is happening in their local schools during the month of June.  Also, subscribe to the MIP Substack site so you never miss an investigative report with important information parents need to know.

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For our families, 

Jess Richardson


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