Hypocritical MIAA Hosts Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports Day

Yesterday the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) hosted the “Massachusetts Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports Day” at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. This special day to recognize female athletic achievements and highlight the importance of girls and women participating in sports was chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1986 and was first celebrated in MA beginning in 1988.

MFI is in favor of celebrating the strides females have made in sports competitions, however, we would be remiss not to point out the MIAA’s blatant hypocrisy in hosting this event. While the MIAA honored female athletes’ accomplishments, their rules undermine the very thing they gathered to celebrate.

The MIAA is the governing body that makes the rules for school sports in MA. Their rules do not allow boys to play on girls’ teams when there’s a boys’ team available, because they know the safety issues this would pose – that is, unless a boy identifies as a girl. When that happens, the MIAA requires schools to let boys play on the girls’ team. In these cases, biological females are put at an unnecessary and increased risk of injury and are often displaced in competition. Common sense tells us that girls should compete with other girls, yet the MIAA seems determined to prioritize ideology over safety and fairness for their female student-athletes.

A concerned Bay State mother of a female athlete who attended the MIAA event dared to ask people their feelings about biological males in female competitions as they entered the stadium. Watch this 1-minute video to hear her report on the kinds of responses she received.

A concerned Bay State mother of a female athlete asks attendees of the “Massachusetts Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports Day” their feelings about biological males in female competitions.

Curiously, many were not willing to share their views. Likely out of fear of retribution from those in favor of boys who identify as girls being allowed to play on girls’ teams. But if we don’t speak up collectively regarding common sense solutions to the injustices females currently face in sports, nothing will change. That’s why we are calling on the MIAA to amend its rules to better protect MA female athletes in school sports.

Will you please sign and share the petition linked below and help MFI save girls’ sports in MA?

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