Opting Out of LGBTQ Content in School – The Problem and What Parents Can Do About It

It’s no secret that students in Massachusetts public schools are inundated with content promoting sexual activity, alternate sexual orientations, and sexual and gender confusion. We sounded the alarm last year on the new Health Curriculum Frameworks, which tell schools to push dangerous and destructive sexual ideologies onto kids from the youngest ages. While the Frameworks are currently optional for schools, the so-called “Healthy Youth Act” would make them mandatory. But even before the Frameworks were passed or the Healthy Youth Act was introduced, many schools had embedded LGBT ideology into their health curriculum. 

Understandably, many Massachusetts parents do not want their children to be taught that all sexual orientations are equally valid, that boys can become girls if they feel that way on the inside, or that it’s bigoted to believe that marriage should be kept between one man and one woman. Fortunately, in 1996, the Massachusetts legislature passed a law to allow parents to opt their kids out of curricula involving sex education or “human sexuality issues.” This law should mean that parents can opt out not only from lessons on puberty and sex, but also from lessons involving sexual orientation, gender identity, and other sexuality issues. 

But when parents across Massachusetts have tried to opt out of these topics using the opt-out law, they are often met with the same answer: the law doesn’t apply to LGBT content. Schools claim that this type of content is only designed to “promote tolerance” and “prevent bullying.” But we know that these materials go far beyond tolerance, instead preaching acceptance and normalizing behavior that conflicts with many families’ deeply held religious beliefs. In our view, the law means what it says. When the opt-out statute says we can opt out of “human sexuality issues,” it means ALL human sexuality issues, even the ones that schools desperately want to push onto our kids. 

MFI is looking for parents who have tried to opt their kids out of LGBT content in public school but have had their request denied. This may take a lawsuit to resolve, but we think Massachusetts schools are violating the opt out law and need to be held accountable. If you or someone you know would be interested in partnering with us on this, contact us.  

In the meantime, take a look at our sample opt-out letters. We drafted one that specifically asks to opt out of LGBT content. We’ve found that sometimes, reasonable teachers will work with parents who don’t want their children to participate in sexual indoctrination sessions. 

Families shouldn’t be forced to check their beliefs at the door when they enroll their kids in public school. Help us fight to protect the opt-out rights of all Massachusetts parents today with a financial gift today. 


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