Your efforts defeated the PRC Gag Rule, but we must keep up the fight on other bills!

Well done, MA advocates! Because of your efforts to tell your legislators to oppose the Pregnancy Resource Center Gag Rule, the Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure sent HB377/SB174 to study, which means that it’s likely dead for this session!

Last week we alerted you about the deadline for all state legislative committees to report on this bill and others. Many of you took immediate action and contacted your elected officials on bills threatening life, parental rights, and the innocence of children.

While we are happy to report that the PRC Gag Rule bill has very likely been stopped, unfortunately, the Opt-In for Sex Ed didn’t advance, and other harmful bills are still alive.

The Radical Abortion Expansion, Sex Ed Mandate, Physician Assisted Suicide, School Vaccine, and the Pornographic Schoolbook bills remain a threat. That means we have to stay vigilant and keep up the pressure on legislators. 

Read below for updates on the bills we have been keeping you informed about. And then if you haven’t done so already, visit our Take Action page to learn more and for links to contact your elected officials. 

Bills we oppose:

  • Pregnancy Resource Center Gag RuleHB377/SB174 “An Act to protect patient privacy and prevent unfair and deceptive advertising of pregnancy-related services” aims to censor the speech of pro-life pregnancy resource centers, making it more difficult for them to do their vital work for women and babies. We oppose these bills. Status: Sent to study (likely dead).
  • Radical Abortion BillHB1599/SB1114 “An Act enhancing access to abortion care” would eliminate nearly all restrictions on abortion in MA, would make abortion more dangerous for women, would allow girls of any age to obtain abortions without parental consent, and more. We oppose these bills. Status: House version extension order filed to 4/30/24. Contact your legislators here.
  • The Sex Ed MandateHB544/SB268 “An Act relative to healthy youth” would mandate a controversial sex education framework for public schools across the state that teach sex ed. If passed this bill would result in less transparency and loss of local control and would expose children to graphic sexual content. We oppose these bills. Status: Senate version reported favorably out of committee and sent to Senate Ways and Means Committee. Contact your legislators here.

  • Physician-Assisted SuicideHB2246/SB1331 “An Act relative to end of life options” would legalize doctor-prescribed death. We oppose these bills. Status: House and Senate versions reported favorably out of committee. Contact your legislators here.
  • School Vaccine Bills: HB604 “An Act relative to routine childhood immunizations,” SB1391 “An Act relative to vaccines and preventing future disease outbreaks,” and HB2151/SB1458 “An Act promoting community immunity” would eliminate religious exemptions, result in decreased accountability and increase government bureaucracy, shame schools and parents, and allow minors to consent to vaccination without their parent or guardian’s consent or knowledge. We oppose these bills. Status: House version extension order filed to 12/31/24. Contact your legislators here.
  • Pornographic Schoolbook Bills: HB2499/SB2528 “An Act regarding free expression” would make it near impossible to remove porn from K-12 public school libraries and give woke activist school librarians more power. We oppose these bills. Status: House and Senate versions extension order filed to 6/1/24. Contact your legislators here.

Bills we support:

The Opt-In for Sex EdHB587/HB463 “An Act relative to securing parental consent for human sexuality education” would require school districts to adopt an opt-in policy for students to participate in human sexual education. School districts would be required to secure written permission from the parent or guardian consenting to their child’s participation in sex ed lessons. We support these bills. Status: Sent to study.

We will be sure to keep you informed with future updates on these bills. Keep an eye out for our alerts!

Yours in the fight,

The MFI Team

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