MA Pastors Support Pregnancy Resource Centers

In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s demise, the rage of abortion activists is now highly focused on shutting down the charitable work of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). These attacks are not just coming from vandals but also from our own MA government officials.

From attempts to ban them in local municipalities like Easthampton and Worcester to state-sponsored attacks like the recent letter from the Commissioner of the MA Department of Public Health threatening to target the licenses of pro-life medical professionals who work with PRCs, government officials want to silence the speech of PRCs and make it difficult for them to provide their vital services.

MFI is happy to report that the community standing up to unlawful actions against these charitable organizations is growing. Recently, MFI and the Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts enlisted 150 pastors to sign a letter affirming their endorsement of PRCS and recognizing the value these centers bring to Massachusetts families.  

As the coalition of MA pro-life voices increases, radical pro-abortion state officials should take notice. MFI and its supporters will never stop defending the rights of PRCs.

Sam Whiting, MFI staff attorney said it best in his letter responding to the threats of the MA DPH Commissioner, “Massachusetts Family Institute will draw on every resource, pursue every remedy, and partner with every ally to protect the lifesaving and life-giving work of pregnancy resource centers in Massachusetts. We stand ready to take legal action as necessary to defend these centers.”

Join us in the fight to protect the life-saving work of PRCs with a gift today!


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