Protect MA Children Now! 4 Days Left for Public Comment on Sex Ed Standards! 

MA schools are sexualizing kids, and they will ramp up their efforts if the new sex ed teaching standards proposed by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) are adopted.

DESE, supported by Governor Healey’s administration, has published a draft Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Framework recommending learning goals that include transgender ideology and objectionable sex ed lessons. The public comment period on this Framework ends in just FOUR DAYS, on Monday, August 28th. National pro-abortion and LGBT advocacy groups have been rallying their supporters to comment in support of this Framework. We must make our voices heard on this issue and stand in defense of our children. 

We have been posting about this regularly, but in case you missed it, here is a summary explaining why MFI opposes this Framework. 

The Health Framework claims to be age-appropriate, evidence-based, and medically accurate. However, it is none of those things. Instead, it contains standards that sexualize children by teaching too much about sex, too soon. It also has a strong emphasis on unscientific gender ideology and promotes beliefs about diverse sexualities that violate many families’ deeply held religious beliefs. Here are some of the topics that will be covered under the guidelines:

  • Kindergarteners will discuss their genitalia.
  • 3rd graders will discuss they may not be the gender they were born.
  • 6th graders will discuss how to access birth control.
  • 9th graders will discuss the “benefits” of sexual behaviors.

These are only a few examples of the inappropriate topics that the Framework claims should be raised with a captive audience of young students. 

For more information on these standards and other objectionable content in the draft Framework, see the PDF below.

Introducing graphic information about bodies and sex to young children sexualizes them and destroys their innocence. Normalizing gender ideology and diverse sexualities to developing minds opens the door to a lifetime of confusion. These topics are promoted under the guise of protecting kids when really, they do the opposite.

Parents know their children best. They know when their child is ready to learn about sexuality and gender, and what values they want to impart to their children. Taking discussions that should be happening in the home and moving them into the classroom undermines parents’ rights to be their children’s primary educator on these sensitive issues. 

If it is approved, the Framework will be heavily promoted by DESE and viewed as the new best practice for MA public schools. Districts will feel immense pressure to implement these standards. 

Parents, unless your district has a strong school committee that opposes the implementation of the Framework, these standards will almost certainly show up in your child’s classroom in the very near future.

Massachusetts Informed Parents has been highlighting what lessons could be taught in your child’s classroom should the Framework be approved. 

This is why it is so important to submit your comments to DESE before August 28th. 

Representatives from Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth (the producers of the graphic 3Rs sex ed curriculum) sat on the panel that helped to create and review the Frameworks. DESE has heard from the activists. Now they need to hear from you. 

The tide is beginning to turn against gender ideology, and there are an increasing number of people on both sides of the political aisle who object to the sexualization and gender confusion of minors. There is a chance that your thoughtful and respectful comments can make a difference, even in Massachusetts. 

Tell DESE to protect our kids and reject the age-inappropriate, unscientific standards related to sexuality and gender in the draft Framework.

MFI is committed to coming alongside parents in their efforts to protect their children from the cultural war being waged against them. Follow us on social media for breaking news updates and calls to action on issues affecting MA families. Please consider a financial gift to help us continue our important work.

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