ACTION ALERT! Stop the Vaccine Bills!

The Committee on Public Health announced this morning that they have scheduled a hearing for the vaccination bills, HB604, SB1391, and HB2151/SB1458 for Wednesday, July 19th at 9 am.

HB604 and SB1391 would delete the religious exemption for K-12th grade students from the current vaccine law, completely eliminating the exemption for students at both public and private schools. This exemption has been part of the MA vaccine statute for decades.

HB2151/SB1458 would keep the exemption but would require all exemption requests to go through the MA Department of Public Health.

We oppose these bills for these reasons:

They would eliminate religious exemptions, result in decreased accountability and increased government bureaucracy, shame schools and parents, and allow minors to consent to vaccination without their parents’ or guardians’ knowledge or consent.

Please take a few moments to contact your legislator by clicking here. To learn more about these bills visit our Take Action page.

If you’d like to provide testimony at the hearing for these bills you can do so either in person or virtually. Visit the MA government website for instructions on how to sign up

To give virtual testimony you must sign up by 5 pm on Monday, July 17th. We strongly encourage you to pre-register to testify in person as well. Same-day registrations may not be accepted if there are a large number of people signed up to testify.

We can stop these bills but only if you contact your legislators, provide testimony, or both!

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