MFI Victories for Faith, Family, and Freedom in MA!

Our shared family values continue to be under daily attack in MA, especially the sanctity of life, parental rights, the definition of male and female, and our constitutional right to religious liberty. That’s why the work of MFI is so vital. MFI is at the forefront of the fight to protect MA families by:

— encouraging public policies that safeguard families and providing a response to policies that bring them harm (check out our Take Action page for current legislative attacks on our families), 

— fostering a culture of life by standing up to preserve it, 

— supporting parents by sharing resources to help them protect their children, and

— partnering with churches and other pro-family organizations to promote healthier communities.

It’s easy to be tempted to become worn out in the fight to protect faith, family, and freedom. But the Scripture admonishes us not to become weary in well-doing, for we will reap a harvest if we do not faint. Because of the favor of the Lord and the tireless work of MFI, we are seeing that harvest in MA and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you! 

In just the first few months of 2023, MFI has:

— protected the First Amendment rights of a MA pastor who wanted to read storybooks to children at a local library,

— helped grow the historic Sex Ed Opt Out movement in the city of Worcester and across the state,

— conducted school committee candidate and campaign training for MA citizens stepping up to protect children in education (click here for upcoming dates),

— supported churches that are creating innovational educational options for families leaving the public schools through our Learning Center Tour (click here for upcoming dates), and

— educated our supporters on how the world arrived at its current disorientating state of identity politics and what we must do to respond through our 3rd annual MFI Book Club.

Read our latest blog posts below to learn more about these exciting victories from the front lines of the battle.

MFI is grateful for the generous support of our donors. We cannot continue the crucial work of protecting MA families without it. Please make a donation today!

For our families,

Andrew Beckwith, President & General Counsel

BREAKING: Chelmsford Library restores today's Pastor Story Hour after MFI intervenes.

I am excited to report that MFI achieved a victory last night for free speech and religious liberty in Chelmsford. Pastor Kendall Lankford of The Shepherd’s Church had planned to host a “Pastor Story Hour” event at the local public library at 11 a.m. today but learned yesterday afternoon that the library had cancelled the event due to woke pressure. MFI quickly took action to correct this injustice.


Exciting Update on the Record-Breaking Sex Ed Opt Out Movement in Worcester!

In May of 2021, I testified in front of the Worcester school committee and predicted that if they approved the use of the graphic 3Rs sex ed curriculum parents would start the largest opt out movement the state has ever seen. As expected, the committee voted to implement the 3Rs and as predicted the parents of Worcester launched an historic sex ed opt out initiative to protect kids from this pornographic curriculum.


MFI School Committee Training

MA schools are sexualizing and indoctrinating children. Graphic sex ed, woke curriculum, transgender ideology, and policies that undermine parental rights are harming students. Common-sense policies that protect kids and help them thrive are desperately needed in MA schools.


MFI Learning Center Tour

Last week we told you about the amazing momentum of our OPT OUT of graphic sex ed campaign growing in the city of Worcester and spreading across the state. On February 28th at 7 PM we invite you to celebrate this historic movement with us and to hear about the launch of new learning centers helping to educate the exodus of students leaving public schools.


MFI Book Club

Watch the recording! Click the video above or visit our MFI Book Club page to learn more about “Strange New World.”


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MA House Unanimously Approves Parentage Act Commodifying Babies

The MA legislature voted unanimously to approve HB4672 “An Act to Ensure Legal Parentage Equality,” a bill that would enshrine “intent-based parenting” in Massachusetts law, making it much easier for parents with no biological connection to a child to acquire that child through surrogacy or sperm or egg donation. These methods can have devastating

Happy Father’s Day from the MFI Team!

A father’s role in the home is crucial to the family’s well-being, and without his leadership, the family suffers. Without the leadership of fathers, society suffers too. As MFI’s Fatherlessness Report shows, children from single-parent homes, many without fathers, are at a greater risk of academic underachievement, youthful idleness, teen parenthood, and