BREAKING: Results from Beacon Hill’s end-of-session legislative push!

The 2021-22 legislative session in Massachusetts effectively ended early this morning. Bills that were not passed will most likely expire in December and have to start all over again in the 2023-24 session. I wanted to give you a brief tally of the results of your emails, phone calls, and prayers on matters important to life, freedom and parental rights.

First, the bad news.

– Governor Baker signed into law one of the most egregious abortion bills ever to be codified, turning our Commonwealth into a national hub for both abortion and so-called “gender affirming care,” which means cross-sex drugs and even surgical mutilation for children.

But, there’s actually a lot of good news. The following bills, that we’ve been sounding the alarm about for the past year and a half, did NOT get passed:

– The Sex Ed Mandate

– Physician Assisted Suicide

– Removal of local control over vaccine exemptions (religious/medical) from public and private schools

There is still a chance that any one of these bills could get passed between now and the end of the year if the legislature convenes a special session. Although we believe this to be highly unlikely, we will remain vigilant and keep you posted.

And just because the legislators are finished with their work for now doesn’t mean MFI is taking the rest of the summer off. We will continue working hard:

– Educating parents about their rights to make health care decisions for their children (make sure you read this before taking your child to a back to school physical!)

– Building the grass roots Opt Out movement to combat “Sex Education” grooming

– Litigating for parental rights against school bureaucrats who secretly “trans” young children

…and much more!

Finally, don’t miss out on our October 14th annual fundraising banquet. We have sold out in past years, and this is a great way to celebrate pro-family victories in MA and support the work of MFI!


For our families,

Andrew Beckwith, President & General Counsel


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