Radical Abortion Bill On Governor’s Desk!

Our state legislature just gave Planned Parenthood a blank check to rewrite abortion laws in Massachusetts.  Tell Governor Baker not to sign it!

Our state legislative session ends this Sunday, July 31st, and Beacon Hill is ramming through all the worst bills now at the last minute.  House Bill 5090, which was passed yesterday, is essentially a codification of Planned Parenthood’s wish-list.  The bill also requires that Planned Parenthood and LGBTQIAA2S+  advocacy organizations be consulted on writing the regulations that would implement this new law.  The devil is in the details, indeed.

You may have already received an email yesterday from our pro-life colleagues at Renew MA Coalition, asking you to call or email Governor Baker to VETO this awful bill.  If you haven’t done so, please call his office at (617) 725-4005 or send him an email through his web portal.  (Our governor apparently does not use an email address for correspondence from constituents.)

Below are just a few of the things this abortion expansion bill would do:

      1. Turn Massachusetts into an “abortion sanctuary” by prohibiting the governor, courts, or law enforcement from cooperating with other states in enforcing their pro-life laws against abortionists who flee to MA. 

      2. Establish Massachusetts as an abortion exporter by 

        a. Protecting abortionists who perform abortions out-of-state, even if they violate other states’ laws.

        b. Lowering or eliminating safety requirements for pharmacies to dispense abortion pills. 

        c. Giving immunity to abortionists who provide abortifacient drugs through the mail or through telehealth appointments to women in states where abortion is illegal. 

      3. Force state universities to provide the abortion pill to students. 

      4. Force insurance companies to cover abortion, even if they have religious objections. Also prohibits insurance companies from charging deductibles or copays for abortions, but allows them to do so for all other pregnancy-related services. 

      5. Allow late-term abortions when a doctor deems a baby “incompatible with sustained life” outside of the womb, which decision is not subject to review by any medical board. 

This is also an “intersectional” bill, as its legal protections for abortionists extend to organizations who distribute puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, even in states where they have been criminalized for use on children.  You might not have realized that Planned Parenthood was also in the transgender hormone business, but they are… aggressively so.


So, please, call Governor Baker at (617) 725-4005 and ask him to veto H.B. 5090 AFTER Sunday, July 31st.  This would prevent the legislature from overriding his veto.In addition you should send him a message through the online form by clicking here.Here’s a script or a message you can copy and paste into the online form:

Governor Baker, I am writing to ask you to veto H.B. 5090, an act expanding protections for reproductive rights and gender-affirming care, AFTER Sunday, July 31st.If H.B. 5090 comes law, it would

  • Provide legal protections for late-term abortions performed for virtually any reason;
  • Create a scheme that allows abortion and sex-change providers to perform these dangerous procedures in states where they are illegal;
  • Create a standing order for pharmacists to distribute chemical abortions without consulting a doctor;
  • Protect abortion and sex-change providers from legal actions from other states;
  • Gag MA law enforcement officials from working with out-of-state officials;
  • Mandate health insurance providers cover abortions and sex-change treatments without deductibles, copays, coinsurance, or other cost-sharing requirements;
  • Mandate public universities and colleges to provide chemical abortions and provide a mechanism for state funding to support chemical abortions;
  • Mandate political activist groups such as NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and sex-change support groups to participate in writing regulations.

I respectfully ask you to veto H.B. 5090 AFTER Sunday, July 31st so your veto will be upheld.

There will be more last-minute legislative fights over the rest of the week, but this is where the battle rages fiercest today.

For our families,

Andrew Beckwith, President & General Counsel


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