Two weeks left, and we need your help!

Labor Day has passed, and the final stretch of our Keep MA Safe signature drive has begun! With only two weeks left until the deadline, we need your help to make sure all of these signatures are collected and ready to hand in to the town clerks.

If you have any completed petitions, we need them brought to us, to inventory and to turn in to city and town halls. If you’ve never turned petitions in to a town hall before, we ask that you get them to us, or coordinate with us to receive detailed instructions. Please do not simply rely on town clerks to help you. If you’re an experienced “runner” who is willing to help deliver petitions across the state, please email us to help!

If you have completed petitions to mail, please send them to:

Keep MA Safe
400 Trade Center, Suite 1950
Woburn, MA 01801

If you’re going to mail them, please do so right away, and we’ll re-stock you with more petitions.

Churches across our state are getting more and more involved, and to help churches understand the Keep MA Safe campaign, I have made a video for you to share with your pastor and for pastors to share with their congregations. (We also have a version with subtitles en Español.)

Andrew screen shot
We have many great signature gathering opportunities we need your help with! From the Portuguese festival to Labor Day parades, large events have been fruitful for signature gathering. We need more volunteers to help with large events drawing large crowds all across the state. Please email [email protected], and they’ll get you set up to collect at an event.

Also, if you are able to financially support the campaign, Keep MA Safe will be having a “money bomb fundraiser” September 16. On that day in 1620, the mark-your-calendarpilgrims departed from England in search of religious liberty- the same religious liberty that is being attacked by our government. (The media is beginning to notice that this new bathroom law WILL impact churches!) Help protect the safety and privacy of women and children as well as fight for the church’s right to freely operate according to Scripture.

If you are able to give to this cause on September 16, we would greatly appreciate it!

Finally, this Thursday is Election Day! We’ll have primary contests all across the state and have identified a number of good locations where we expect to have conservative voters coming out to the polls. We need your help to collect their signatures!

Please email Keep MA Safe at [email protected], and let them know how you can help.

For our families,
andrew s full blue


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