MA Schools Are Offering Sexuality Themed Club for Elementary Kids

Did you know that some MA schools offer sexuality-themed clubs for elementary students? Rainbow Club, and a similar group called Rainbow Alliance, are clubs for elementary- age students centered around LGBTQ ideology. These clubs generally target students as young as 3rd grade, although sometimes they are open to even younger students. Within the last year, we have received reports of them meeting in elementary schools in East Longmeadow, Billerica, Cambridge, and Arlington.

Gender In Classrooms, the national activist nonprofit that drives the introduction of Rainbow Clubs, offers a link on their website to a Google Drive with slides created for use in Rainbow Club meetings. These slides cover various topics, including encouraging students to “interrupt binary thinking.”

Rainbow Club meetings also feature a range of potential activities, which are heavily infused with ideology, meant to transform young students into budding activists.

Each meeting almost always begins with students introducing themselves with their pronouns.

    Some meetings even incorporate what they call “rainbow power meditation” and “rainbow breathing,” New Age breathing exercises with an LGBTQ focus.

    This is just a sampling of the objectionable material recommended for Rainbow Clubs by this progressive organization. Parents need to be aware that these lessons could show up in any MA school that has such a club. But some districts that have Rainbow Clubs use their own material, like Cambridge Public Schools. CPS also offers a link to sample lessons on their website. Here are a few slides from one of their lessons:

    These slides confirm what we already knew: Rainbow Clubs, much like GSAs in middle and high schools, extend beyond fostering inclusivity and kindness among students. Instead, these clubs introduce students to radical gender ideology, normalize unscientific concepts and synthetic identities, and groom them to become activists—all under the guise of promoting “belonging.”

    The decision regarding a child’s participation in their school’s Rainbow Club varies depending on the district. In some districts, parental consent is required, while in others, parents may not be notified at all. For instance, staff in East Longmeadow schools were reportedly informed that parental notification is not necessary for a student’s involvement in these clubs. Similarly, Cambridge Public Schools specify on their website that no permission slip is needed, and some elementary schools offer the club for all ages, not just 3rd to 5th grade. This lack of transparency is concerning, especially considering that some of these clubs meet during school hours, potentially exposing young children to indoctrination about gender ideology and sexual orientation without their parents’ knowledge.

    Sexuality-themed clubs are inappropriate for minors of any age, but public schools have sunk to a new low with Rainbow Clubs. Elementary school children, many of whom still believe in Santa Claus, should never be exposed to sexual themes or encouraged to become LGBTQ activists.

    These clubs represent a clear attempt to extend sexuality-related content beyond health class, aiming to indoctrinate more children into woke ideology and, in some instances, conceal a child’s gender or sexual confusion from their parents. It is crucial for parents to find out whether these clubs are operating in their district so they can shield their children from confusion and indoctrination.

    MFI is tracking the rapid growth of these clubs closely. Does your district have a rainbow club? Find out! And then let us know at [email protected].

    The innocence of children is under attack in MA. Between bills like the Healthy Youth Act and the rising prevalence of clubs and activities outside of health class, parents must remain vigilant and well-informed about what is being taught to their children in school.

    Remember that as a parent, you have the right to advocate for your child’s education and well-being, including making decisions about their exposure to sexualized content in the school environment. Parents have the right to opt their child out of certain types of sexual education or sexualized content in school. Learn more by visiting our OPT OUT page.

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