Middle School Student Liam Morrison Awarded for His Courage at MFI Banquet

Dear Friend of the Family, 

We are happy to report our 32nd Annual Fundraising Banquet was a resounding success! Thank you to our guests and sponsors for their generous donations. We enjoyed an inspiring evening celebrating our hard-won victories with our faithful supporters. We also had a record number of new attendees this year, a testament to the continued growth of MFI, for which we are grateful.

The theme of our banquet was The Battle for Our Children. MFI will never stop fighting the battle for our children, defending parental rights, opposing government indoctrination, and protecting the dignity and privacy of children.

In case you missed the banquet visit the banquet page on our website to watch video highlights from the evening’s program.

Be sure to watch the presentation of MFI’s Citizenship Award. Every year this award is given to a MA citizen who exemplifies what it means to stand for faith, family, and freedom. This year’s recipient was Middleboro student Liam Morrison. At just 12 years old, Liam showed more courage than most adults. He refused to let his school infringe upon his free speech rights and continues to stand firm on his beliefs. His case is currently on appeal in the First Circuit. MFI was proud to stand beside Liam and honor him and his parents with this award. Learn more about his story by watching the video below.

Our efforts to defend faith, family, and freedom in the Commonwealth have been so effective that protestors gathered near the hotel and vainly attempted to disrupt the event, seeking to censor us because we defend religious liberty and uphold traditionally Christian views on issues of gender and sexuality. Thankfully, we prepared in advance by hiring additional security and thwarted these attempts to silence us. Please consider a financial gift to help us protect our constitutional rights to speak and assemble. 

We must all work together to guard against attacks on our faith, families, and freedom. 


Ian Huyett, President


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