Abortion Lobby Is a No Show at PRC Gag Rule Hearing

Would you believe it if we told you that the pro-abortion lobby didn’t show up this past Monday to testify in support of the Gag Rule legislation meant to silence pregnancy resource centers (PRCs)? Well, it’s true!

Pro-life supporters attended the hearing in great numbers. Joined by multiple pro-life organizations and citizens from across the state, MFI and their allies provided moving testimony defending the vital work that PRCs do to assist women and babies in need. MFI also invited our friends at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a national source for science, data, and medical research on the value of human life, to team up with us in defense of MA PRCs.

Listen to the testimonies of MFI staff members Michael King and Sam Whiting below.

MFI’s director of community alliances, Michael King, testifies on the PRC Gag Rule
MFI’s staff attorney, Sam Whiting, testifies on the PRC gag rule

Learn more about the PRC Gag Rule legislation here. If passed, this bill would violate the First Amendment free speech rights of PRCs and benefit Big Abortion at the expense of vulnerable mothers.

Contact your legislators now to tell them you oppose this biased and discriminatory bill. Use our Action Center to send an email or to call them. 

Pushing back on legislative attacks from Beacon Hill is not the only work that MFI has been doing to protect PRCs. We have also helped thwart unconstitutional and discriminatory local ordinances seeking to silence them. Read about our recent efforts in Easthampton opposing measures targeting these charitable ministries helping women here. And also read our letter sent to the Easthampton City Council, our email to the mayor, and our joint letter with First Liberty on behalf of the PRC Bethlehem House to the City Council. 

Our effective advocacy resulted in Easthampton’s mayor vetoing the city council’s proposed ordinance! Furthermore, because of MFI’s strong defense of PRCs the state Attorney General’s office is now advising MA cities and towns to stop targeting PRCs out of concern about lawsuits against them.

Please support the important work of MFI as we continue to stand up to protect life in the Commonwealth! Donate today!


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