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It’s clear there is a battle waging for the hearts, minds, and bodies of our children. MFI is leading the charge to protect them from threats such as transgender ideology and highly sexualized content in school curricula and libraries.

That’s why we are pleased to have Katy Faust, author of Them Before Us, and founder of a global children’s rights movement of the same name as the keynote speaker for our 32nd Annual Fundraising Banquet, October 13th at the Newton Marriott. Katy publishes, speaks, and testifies widely on matters of justice for children and their need for protection from sexual ideology and grooming. Listen to Katy as she gives a preview of what she will share with us in October. 

You won’t want to miss Katy’s energetic defense of children against cultural indoctrination and why the work of MFI is so vital to winning the battle for our children. Register to attend today!

MFI also encourages you to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities to learn more about the battle to protect MA children, born and unborn.

Attend a Local Pregnancy Resource Center Open House

From vandalism, local bans, and state-sponsored smear campaigns to unfair civil rights violations from our own MA Attorney General’s Office, pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) have been under attack from all quarters in the past year. PRCs are charitable organizations that care for pregnant women and their babies and they need our support now more than ever. That’s why we are happy to inform you that the Pregnancy Care Alliance has scheduled statewide open houses, which will take place on June 17th! We encourage you to attend an open house location near you. Learn more about the vital and compassionate work that PRCs do for the women and children of our beloved Commonwealth and discover ways you can support them. For more information and locations, click here.

Register for the “Teens Against Gender Mutilation” Event

Join MFI Director of Community Alliances Michael King on Saturday, June 24th in Hyannis for the “Teens Against Gender Mutilation” rally with keynote speaker and detransitioner, Chloe Cole. Chloe is a former trans kid who transitioned at 12, had a double mastectomy at 15, and detransitioned at 17. Now as a young adult she travels the country working to protect kids from the irreparable harm of experimental transgender treatments. Find out more and register for this event here

Our children are our future. We must defend their right to life and fight to protect them from efforts to sexualize and indoctrinate them in harmful ideologies. Would you consider making a donation today to help us continue our crucial work?


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