Leadership Change at Massachusetts Family Institute

Late last month, President and CEO Andrew Beckwith informed the Board of Directors and staff that he has accepted a leadership position at Southern Wesleyan University, a Christian liberal arts institution located in South Carolina, effective July 1, 2023.

Andrew has been integral to the leadership and growth of Massachusetts Family Institute over the past 12 years. We know Andrew and his wife, Karen, made their decision after much prayer and reflection, and because of our love and respect for them, we accept their decision and pray for God’s blessing on their family. We are also most grateful that they have given us ample time to conduct a careful and thorough succession search.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to express our wholehearted appreciation for all that Andrew has done in his role as president of MFI. It is not an exaggeration to say that without his leadership, MFI would not have become the leading voice for the family in the Commonwealth – the organization that Massachusetts citizens, churches, schools, and other institutions turn to when religious freedom is threatened and “woke” ideology endangers our rights. Andrew has been an outstanding spokesman for the family, winsomely and persuasively articulating the Judeo-Christian values for which MFI stands. He has testified often at the Massachusetts State House in hearings on legislation affecting the family. He has also participated in hundreds of television, radio and newspaper interviews and debates on media outlets. In the increasingly toxic and anti-Christian culture here in the Commonwealth, he has overseen remarkable growth as president, leading MFI to more than double our staff and revenues during his tenure.

Thankfully, we will have many occasions over the next five months to honor Andrew and his extraordinary achievements at MFI and celebrate the impact that MFI has had during the past decade of his leadership.  

The Board has begun a national search process for MFI’s next president, and a Search Committee comprised of nine Board members has already been formed.  We will be seeking input from MFI supporters, churches, and other allies to assist us as we move forward in recruiting Andrew’s successor.

We will keep the MFI family informed of our progress and hope to select a candidate by mid-spring in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

The Board of Directors asks for your prayers that the Lord will guide our efforts and give us wisdom as we plan for the future of MFI. We are thankful that Andrew will be with us for five more months to continue to lead the organization in this time of transition and that he will remain on the MFI Board after he leaves for South Carolina. We are grateful to God that we have a strong leadership team at MFI. We trust that the Lord will continue to bless MFI abundantly, as He has over the past three decades.


David Stubblebine, Massachusetts Family Institute Chairman


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