First, they came for the pastor, then they came for the mom

First, they came for the pastor, then they came for the mom. Last week we shared with you about how the woke mob pressured the Chelmsford library to cancel a “Pastor Story Hour” the day before it was going to take place. The children’s event was to be hosted by Pastor Kendall Lankford of The Shepherd’s Church. MFI sprang into action, giving legal support to Pastor Lankford by sending a letter to the library directors demanding they immediately reinstate the event as scheduled and rescind its cancellation notice. Because of MFI’s intervention, the library directors rightly decided to allow the event. Read our blog post with the full story here.

At the same time news of the injustice against Pastor Lankford was showing up in local and national headlines, I posted in the Massachusetts Informed Parents (MIP) Facebook (FB) group about a drag queen story hour (DQSH) scheduled at the Taunton Library the day after the Pastor Story Hour in Chelmsford. In my post, I asked parents and concerned citizens to exercise their civic duty and contact the library to respectfully voice their opposition to an adult sexual performer being allowed to prey upon the imagination of children. Once again, the leftists mobilized. But this time, instead of targeting a pastor helping children understand that they are fearfully and wonderfully made as distinctly male and female, they came after me, a mom, who wants to protect children from being sexualized and indoctrinated in sexual deviancy. My mere mention of the wrongness of holding up adult sexual performers as role models of “diversity” to impressionable children was more than the mob could bear. An online firestorm ensued, with multiple accounts accusing me of being responsible for protestors who showed up to the Taunton event and encouraging their followers to report my post about the DQSH to FB.

On Monday morning, I woke to find an email from FB in my inbox stating my account was suspended and that threatened to permanently delete it. According to FB, my supposed violation was “adult sexual exploitation.” The real identity of the Taunton drag queen, “Monica Moore,” is Jason Carter. Attached to my post, I had included the highly inappropriate images below from Jason’s public FB profile to demonstrate why he should not be allowed to influence young children. As you can see, the pictures I posted of Jason had black bars covering his nudity. Although I found these photos, publicly posted on Jason’s profile without the black bars, according to FB, I’m the one guilty of “adult sexual exploitation.” The hypocrisy of the social media giant is astounding.

Unfortunately, mine is a familiar story. I’m not alone in being canceled because I dared to stand up to protect children from sexualization and indoctrination in transgender ideology. Facebook also suspended the account of the popular Libs of TikTok after they shared a video published by Boston Children’s Hospital promoting transgender body-mutilating surgeries for minors. MFI also wrote about the shocking video here.

Jason Carter and other drag queens like him use public platforms to normalize LGBTQ lifestyles to children and hold themselves up as role models for them. Watch this video from the first DQSH Jason did at the Taunton library last year. In it, he declares himself a role model to his younger brothers ages 4 through 11 before proceeding to read three books, all of which promoted LGBTQ ideology to the children in attendance. As a mom, I was grieved when I watched this video. I was grieved for the children who were being intentionally confused about sexual identity, marriage, and gender. And I was grieved for Jason Carter, the drag queen too. When my children were young, I read them countless storybooks. Some of my fondest memories with my children are the times we snuggled up together on the couch while I read to them. These were memorable moments of bonding, teaching, and togetherness. Children learn through storytelling. Storybooks are a powerful teaching tool, and they shape how a child perceives and understands the world. DQSHs take advantage of the imagination and innocence of children at a time when they are developing their sense of identity and their view of the world. Those behind organizing these events understand this. That’s why they see DQSHs as an important part of their mission. The LGBTQ lobby must captivate the hearts and minds of children to advance their agenda and to create a world where opposition to their view no longer exists. This is why the work of MFI and MIP to stand against this harmful agenda and to strengthen families and protect children is so vital. Children thrive when they are secure in whom God created them to be, fully male or female. Children thrive when they are raised in a loving home with a married mom and dad. Children thrive when they can enjoy the innocence of childhood without being confused about “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

It remains to be seen whether FB restores my account, but one thing is for sure, just like Pastor Lankford, this mom will not be silenced. Together with the team at MFI, I will continue the fight to protect children from sexualization and the transgender agenda in our public institutions. While the MIP group is still up on FB, I currently do not have the ability to post. I am, however, actively planning to expand the important work of MIP on other social media platforms, where the group’s mission will remain the same, to equip parents to protect their children from perverse sexualization and indoctrination in harmful ideologies. I will keep you posted on the status of my FB account and inform you where you can find me on social media soon. In the meantime, please consider making a donation to help MFI continue the important work of safeguarding children in MA. Like Pastor Kendall, this mom wants all children to know that they are precious, and fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. Help me protect children by donating to MFI today.

For our children,

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Mary Ellen Siegler, Director of Communications, Research, & Operations


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