A win for preserving life in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts Family Institute is celebrating Governor Baker’s recent veto that blocked the public funding of a defamation campaign against pregnancy resource centers (PRCs)!

In the wake of Dobbs, we have seen pro-abortion extremists vandalize these life-affirming organizations, which simply provide healthcare and resources to expectant mothers. Meanwhile, pro-abortion politicians compounded these efforts to silence pro-life Americans by attempting to enact taxpayer smear campaigns against PRCs. Why? Because these organizations, often faith-based, refuse to refer for or provide abortions.

The funding that Baker vetoed was contained in H.5374, a budget bill that unanimously passed the MA House and Senate on Nov. 3. Language in it allotted $1 million to “a public awareness campaign to educate providers and the public about so called crisis pregnancy centers and pregnancy resource centers and their lack of medical services.” The legislation went on to say “that said campaign shall include information on the availability of providers across the commonwealth that provide legitimate medical and family planning services”– inferring that the work of PRCs providing pregnancy tests, diapers, formula, and strollers is somehow illegitimate.

Thanks to the many pro-life supporters who responded to calls to ask the governor to veto this provision, Governor Baker struck those lines from the bill! His veto on Friday outraged pro-choice activists, yet another indicator that this was a small but significant step in continuing to fight for a pro-life Massachusetts.

Our commitment to defending the family must never waiver. Despite attacks from all sides, whether to PRCs’ ability to serve women and their babies or parents’ rights to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs, MFI is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based.


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