Remembering Kris Mineau

On Monday, former Massachusetts Family Institute President Kris Mineau went home to be with the Lord. Kris served at the helm of MFI for over a decade, leading the pro-family movement in MA through the first in the nation fight to defend marriage. He was also a great champion for life and religious freedom, often fighting at the tip of the spear in the culture wars, but always showing kindness and love, even to ideological opponents.

Kris infused MFI with this spirit, working with courage and conviction for family values in what he euphemistically referred to as a “target rich environment.” His efforts at MFI weren’t just about the political issues, however. Kris lived out the family values he strove to defend. He was married to his wife Lura for 57 years, and they had four children and ten grandchildren.  Kris was a true family man. Prior to MFI, Kris defended the freedom of our nation for 28 years in the U.S. Air Force as a decorated fighter pilot. It was during one of his flights as a young captain that he was miraculously saved, both physically and spiritually, during a low-altitude, supersonic ejection from an F-4 Phantom. You can read his amazing testimony here. Working with Kris during his last years at MFI, I heard him tell the story in person dozens of times, and it never got old.

Although Kris stepped down from the presidency of MFI in 2014, his influence and leadership did much to create what MFI is today: the leading voice for the family in the Commonwealth. Early on in Kris’ tenure, he forged MFI into the bellwether source for national media coverage on the battle for marriage. He appeared a number of times on Fox News and the major networks, and featured MFI’s work in articles in the Wall Street JournalThe EconomistNew York TimesUSA TodayLos Angeles TimesNational Review and other national media outlets. Kris taught me early on never to back down from an interview, and to smile when on camera. Kris continued to serve for a time on MFI’s Board of Directors and was a close confidant to me. His wisdom and council helped MFI to more than double in revenue and staff size over the last decade, even as the cultural environment became ever more challenging. So much of this is due to the wonderful foundation created by Kris years ago. In his honor and memory, MFI will be establishing the Kris Mineau Endowment Fund.

He was an incredible mentor and friend and will be greatly missed.


For our families,

Andrew Beckwith, President & General Counsel


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