Support MFI Tomorrow on #Giving Tuesday

All over the country on November 30th Americans participate in #GivingTuesday. This online celebration provides an opportunity to give back to local non-profits who are making a difference in the community.

For 30 years, MFI has been on the front lines making a difference for your family and communities of faith in the Commonwealth.

Earlier this year, when Governor Baker maintained discriminatory COVID restrictions on churches, MFI helped a local church file a lawsuit. Days later the unfair and unconstitutional restrictions were rescinded.

When the MA legislature was considering removing the religious exemption for mandated vaccines for school children this summer, MFI was there standing beside hundreds of MA citizens to defend parental rights and religious liberty.

After the Worcester school committee voted to teach a graphic sex education curriculum called “The 3Rs”  in grades K-12, beginning this school year, MFI was there to help parents protect their children. Working alongside families opposed to pornographic sex ed, MFI helped launch an Opt Out movement that is now quickly spreading across the state. Thousands of MA parents are opting their children out of graphic sex ed classes. In the city of Worcester alone, over 3,000 students have been opted out – the most ever in MA! And now, parents in Millbury and Milton are leading Opt Out campaigns of their own. Parents in Sharon, Framingham, Acton, Franklin, and multiple other towns are organizing to participate too. Contact Michael King, [email protected] to be connected with like-minded parents in your school district and to learn more about the Opt Out movement.

You help make all this possible! Celebrate #GivingTuesday by making a charitable donation to MFI. Help us continue to guard religious liberty and parental rights, and to protect children in education with a generous donation today!

Thank you for your continued support!


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