They ARE “coming for your children!”

When I debated a lesbian activist on the Dan Rea Show and claimed (correctly, as it turns out – see Somerville and Cambridge) that legal affirmation of same-sex “marriage” would lead to polygamy, I was accused of “fear-mongering,” among other things.   I’m sure some may say the same about the subject line of this email, so I’ll just let the “Gay Community” do the talking (or rather singing) themselves.

This video from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was posted last week and billed itself as “A Message From the Gay Community.”  Below is the gist of their ‘message’:

You think that we’ll corrupt your kids

If our agenda goes unchecked

It’s funny

Just this once you’re correct

We’ll convert your children

Happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly

And you will barely notice it

We’re coming for them

We’re coming for your children

We’re coming for them

We’re coming for your children

Of course, once the video started circulating beyond the echo-chambers of the left coast, the “Gay Community” realized their message wasn’t being warmly received by the people whose children they are bragging about “converting.”  Yesterday, they pulled the video off of their YouTube channel and posted another message, claiming that their song was just “tongue-in-cheek humor” and that the “far right conservative media” has “taken the lyrics out of context.”  You can read the full lyrics here and get the “context.”

What’s obvious to most parents is that it is bizarre and disturbing for any group of grown men to sing obsessively about “coming for your children,” and especially so for a “community” whose group identity revolves around the act of sodomy.  Maybe that seems ‘intolerant’, even though it is demonstrably true, but take the line in their song, “Gen Z’s gayer than Grindr.”  “Gen Z” is typically defined as the cohort born between 1997 and 2012, currently ranging in age from 24 to children as young as 8.  And what is “Grindr” you might ask? It’s known as a hook-up social media platform for gay-men, but the level of sexual deviancy on display on their website is astounding.  Tragically, it is not surprising that Grindr is also used to seduce and sexually abuse underage boys. 

And it turns out it’s not just San Francisco that’s singing this tune.  In 2014 (apparently, I missed the debut) the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus sang “Your Children Are Not Your Children.”

Some of the lyrics read:

Your children are not your children;

They are the sons and daughters of

Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you

But they are not from you

And though they are with you

They belong not to you.

You may give them your love

But not your thoughts,

They have their own thoughts.

They have their own thoughts.

You can house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in a place of tomorrow,

Which you cannot visit,

Not even in your dreams…

It goes on, if you care to watch it.  Some of you may recognize, at the 1:35 mark, the signature red hair tuft of Samuel Brinton.  He was the lead activist pushing the Counseling Ban at the Massachusetts Statehouse, claiming that resistance to the LGBT agenda by parents is “child abuse.” 

At MFI, we receive emails and phone calls every week from parents, teachers and pastors who are seeing firsthand how young children are being targeted by an agenda of extreme sexual deviance – that’s why we are working hard to expose what’s going on in our public schools with “Comprehensive Sex Education” and to educate parents on how they can protect their kids.  This filth is often peddled as a way to fight “intolerance” and “hate” and promote “fairness” and “justice” and access to “information.”  So when the “Gay Community” says that’s what they really mean when they sing “We’ll convert your children,” it’s not very reassuring.  MFI has fought the very real and powerful “gay agenda” for 30 years in Massachusetts, and when they proudly tell us that our children don’t belong to us and that they are “coming for” them, we take these men at their word.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you could probably use some GOOD news (and an uplifting video)!  MFI is inviting you to join us for our 30th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet on October 15th, featuring Dr. Larry Arnn.  Yesterday, he posted a video addressing his vision for our children, and it is refreshingly different from the two I’ve written about above.  In fact, it’s titled “We Strive to Be Different.”  And thank goodness they do!  As Dr. Arnn speaks about the unique history of Hillsdale College, he embraces the school’s Christian history and says, “The idea of God is the motive to which all learning moves.”

In many ways, these videos encapsulate two dueling visions for America; two paths forward for our children.  We’ll keep equipping you to resist the one, and I hope you can join us in October to hear about the other.



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