MFI’s Mary Ellen is ‘on call’ for MA families

Because of Covid-related school closures, parents have had a unique opportunity to observe and critique what is being taught to their children. One area of particular concern MFI is addressing is the curricula being used in the various school districts’ sex education instruction. Last year, Mary Ellen Siegler began an effort to request public records of MA school districts and to post the results of the research online. A full report is in the works. In addition, she has made herself available to counsel parents on how to respond effectively in their children’s schools. Here are a few examples demonstrating how important the work of MFI is in protecting our students and defending parents’ rights.

  • An East Longmeadow mom called for help in addressing transgender story books being read in her son’s 2nd grade classroom. Mary Ellen helped her compose an email to the superintendent and talked her through how to advocate for a policy change. She suggested the mother request advance notice be made to parents about any books to be read that include references to or messages regarding human sexuality and gender, or be given the opportunity to opt their children out of exposure to these books. Amazingly, the superintendent agreed to both proposals – to develop a new opt-out policy and to improve communication to parents!

Email quote from the mom… “God love you (all) for all the good, stand up work you are doing for our children and our families!!! It was wonderful to talk with you again! My husband is so thankful for your help and good work too and was happy he was home to join in on the call!”

  • A Westford mother, whom Mary Ellen had previously helped to get a harmful link removed from a sex ed curriculum resource, contacted MFI about a video being presented in her daughter’s 6th grade class. The video affirmed transgender ideology and included instructions on how students could change their name and/or their pronouns in their Google classroom. She was able to help this mother formulate a response to school officials to address this issue.

Text quote from the mom… “Thank you! I knew you would have the words!”

MFI has also been contacted about how to address BLM/race material being presented.

  • In Wellesley, during a mandated advisory period an activist student group made a biased and controversial BLM presentation to a captive audience of students. Mary Ellen helped with formulating focused questions parents needed to ask about the presentation and also a draft of a public records request to enable them to gather more information. Additionally, she evaluated the school policy on teaching controversial issues as well as intended speakers. With her expertise in the area, she highlighted areas of the policy that may have been violated, and what specific points parents needed to investigate further. Finally, she offered suggestions on proposed policy amendments that would prevent this kind of situation from developing in the future. 

Email quote:  This is just what I needed. I am going to customize and send off on Monday. On Sunday, we are gathering to talk about what else we can do. Thank you for your support and help by preparing this document! I will keep you posted. I am so grateful for you and MFI and MIP!”

Finally, a recent article in The New Boston Post reported that a survey given in Milton, asked middle and high school students’ probing questions about their sexuality, gender, and race. “As a part of the school district’s “Equity Audit” and commitment to what school officials call anti-racism, students received a 91-question survey from an educational consulting company called Cambridge Education with an emphasis on race and gender,” the article reported. You can read about the survey and perhaps inquire whether such surveys are being given in your school district. 

MFI is committed to monitoring the various challenges to the healthy development of our children, defending the rights of parents to address those challenges and strengthening families whose faith is based on traditional Judeo-Christian values. During these troubling times when our faith, families and freedom are under constant attack, please consider making a donation to support our critical efforts.


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