MFI Responds to Christianity Today Article

For nearly 30 years, Massachusetts Family Institute has worked for you, defending your family values in the Commonwealth. I’m grateful to have been with MFI for just a portion of its strong legacy. This past year in particular, however, we saw unprecedented growth. For example, MFI’s 2019 Lobby Day brought over 500 activists to Beacon Hill to advocate for life, religious liberty, and pro-family education reform. On the issue of life alone, over 1,000 advocates came to the State House later in the year to oppose the Infanticide “ROE” Act. With your help, we can continue bringing together even larger coalitions of pro-family voices, like at our 2020 Lobby Day where we expect over 700 others to join MFI at the state’s capital!

MFI’s legacy, however, is more than just gaining numbers and forming relationships on Beacon Hill. We’ve been able to effect real, practical change at the local level on issues regarding sex-education and retail marijuana expansion. Massachusetts Family Institute has also become the leading voice for family values across the Commonwealth. Even Boston’s liberal media regularly turns to us for commentary on tough issues that relate to life and religious liberty. Just before Christmas, I was interviewed regarding the recent Christianity Today editor’s article that sparked controversy among Christians across the country.

MFI President Andrew Beckwith on WGBH

As the culture war wages on into a new decade, these complex, difficult issues will only continue to evolve and sow confusion in our society. We humbly ask that you continue putting your trust in MFI and its legacy, so we can continue fighting against the radical, anti-family agendas that attack our values everyday. Together, we can expand our efforts, adapt to a rapidly changing culture, and enact change in Massachusetts. We hope you consider financially supporting MFI today.


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