Election 2018: Tough losses across the Commonwealth

Last night was a disappointing one for family values in the Commonwealth.  Although the much touted “blue wave” largely failed to materialize across much of the U.S., it hit Massachusetts like a Nor’easter.  Many strong pro-family candidates for state office lost their races, including incumbent Jim Lyons of Andover.  We will certainly have our work cut out for us when the MA legislature reconvenes in January, but we’re working hard already to meet those new challenges.  I regret to say that our effort to repeal the infamous Bathroom Law was also defeated.  Despite a valiant effort, the Keep MA Safe / No on 3 campaign simply could not overcome being outspent more than ten to one, an openly hostile media, and the political headwinds of 2018.  Nevertheless, despite those disadvantages, Question 3 was the closest of the three ballot questions, and it looks like nearly 900,000 MA voters said “No” to the transgender law.  In a time when many people grew increasingly afraid of even questioning this new gender ideology, the fight to repeal the Bathroom Law kept the issue an open question.

Even though our side was in the minority last night, we weren’t relegated to the cultural fringes as the LGBTQ advocates had hoped.  A third of the electorate still saw through the deception and manipulation of the Yes campaign and voted with us.  We can and will build off of that base, continuing to be a voice for truth on these issues.  I believe there’s a very good chance that many of the conflicts surrounding transgenderism will ultimately be taken up by the Supreme Court.  It may be a case like the Milton Spa that declined to give a bikini wax to a man, the single-sex homeless shelter currently being sued in MA, a child who’s threatened in a public bathroom, parents who risk losing custody of their child because they refuse cross-sex hormonal “treatment,” or some other scenario we haven’t even seen yet.  The good news from last night is that with Republican control in the Senate increasing slightly, there will be more conservative federal judges to hear those cases and help put a stop to this madness.

I want to thank all of the women, men, and so many young adults as well, for the hard work and sacrifice of time, talent and treasure for this effort over the past two years.  We always knew it would be an uphill battle, but do not be discouraged.  We know that we are called to be faithful, not always victorious, and that Truth wins in the end.

For our families,


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