The Bathroom Law repeal will be close, but we can win!

The front page of this morning’s Boston Globe featured an article on the campaign to repeal the 2016 transgender bathroom law. Our friends at KeepMASafe are working hard to protect women and children in private spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms and to educate MA families on the dangers of the recently passed bathroom law. This November, we’ll all have the opportunity to be a voice for safety and privacy at the voting booth, and your vote could be the difference!  Even the Globe admitted that the fight for privacy and safety in Massachusetts will be close at the ballot. The reporter writes:

A November ballot question asking voters whether to keep or repeal the state’s 2016 antidiscrimination law is expected to be the first statewide referendum on transgender rights, taking the national temperature on a fiery hot social issue.

If bluer-than-blue Massachusetts votes to repeal transgender rights, said Andrew Beckwith, one of those pushing for repeal, “it will send a real message to the rest of the country that this is just too much. It’s pushed beyond what common sense will allow.”

His ideological opponent is likewise aware of the stakes.

Read the whole article here.

With the help of advocates and supporters like you, more Massachusetts citizens can learn about the dangers of the Bathroom Law and vote to protect women and children in our Commonwealth. We need your voice to win the vote! You can support the KeepMASafe campaign here.

To learn more about how you can help repeal the Bathroom Law and stop other anti-family legislation in our Commonwealth, please join us next Tuesday, April 24th for Pro-Family Lobby Day!

At 10 a.m., we will meet at Park Street Church for the educational portion of the event as well as lunch. Then at 12:30 p.m., Lobby Day participants will head over to the State House to meet with their legislators and advocate for our shared family values. Visit our website for more details.

To RSVP, please text the word “Lobby” to the number 797979 (even if you already RSVPed to the previous Lobby Day date, please RSVP again for this new rescheduled date).  Buses are available from several locations across Massachusetts including Springfield, Salem, Lawrence, and Brockton. To help with the cost, we suggest a donation of $10 per person for the round trip (cash) upon boarding. If you have any questions, please contact MFI’s Director of Community Alliances Michael King at [email protected].


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