House to Vote on Secret Abortion Bill

Two weeks ago, we asked you to help stop the Secret Abortion Bill in the MA Senate.  Unfortunately, the Senate passed it, but, as our friends at the Renew MA Coalition noted, your efforts did make a difference:

“Spurred on by your emails and phone calls, a group of nine moderate and conservative state senators sponsored a [successful] amendment to make sure nothing in the bill could impact any aspect of our parental consent laws.  Why is this significant? In a liberal body like the senate, it’s difficult to make horrible pieces of legislation even a little bit better, and with only seven Republicans, it means getting to nine or ten senators requires a bi-partisan group (in this case Sen. Tarr, Fattman, DeMacedo, Tran, Ross, O’Connor, Humason, Rush, and Timilty) standing against pressure from the Senate President.” 

Tomorrow, the House is scheduled to vote on the bill.  This is where the real fight is.  And although this safeguard was added in the Senate, the bill (Now SB 2296, in the House Ways and Means Committee), still does all the terrible things we wrote to you about earlier.  So, please, take another minute to email your State Representative and encourage them to stand for parental rights and oppose this bill!


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