MFI’s Michael King Shares His Experience with the Free Speech Bus

Yesterday, I was in Boston to see the the orange “Free Speech Bus” roll into town, making stops at City Hall, the State House, and Harvard Square.  The bus had a simple message: “Boys are boys and always will be.  Girls are girls and always will be.”

In response, about two dozen protesters from the transgender movement came out with bullhorns and signs, communicating their very different message with passion and disgust.  A rock was thrown at the bus multiple times, a cup of coffee was thrown inside the bus at the driver while the door was open, graffiti marked the side of the bus, and a tail light was broken.  Clearly, the side that demands tolerance and love was having trouble displaying it.


I was there with two students, Chloe and Summer Stubblebine, to film peoples’ reactions to the bus.  We were told by the transgender advocates that we have no idea what our genders are until we’ve been “DNA-tested.”  Later, that same person mentioned that “they” (not wanting to be referred to as he or she because “their” gender was fluid) also believe their gender is a “sincerely held belief.”

Read more about the Free Speech Bus at the New Boston Post

We know that God created us male and female in His image. It is clear that His biblical truth needs to be proclaimed now more than ever. Martin Luther King Jr. preached that the church needs to be the conscience of the state.  He taught that if the church does not exercise that mandate, it will become just another social club.  Our country was born on the foundational principle that it would only survive if its moral and religious footings were sustained.  However, the persistent LGBTQ voice has largely redefined public morality and even core human traits like gender and sex in our culture.  This agenda has made its way into our laws as represented in the Transgender Bathroom Law that passed last July.  It also permeates our public schools, often mandating that students “affirm” all the different ways that people identify sexually.  The church has a duty and obligation to shape and inform the morality of a culture.

We can fulfill that mandate by working together to REPEAL THE BATHROOM LAW in 2018 when it is listed on the ballot.  Please contact me to be a part of this important campaign at [email protected].

For our families,
Michael King
Director of Community Alliances


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