Legislators still meeting about Bathroom Bill

Thank you to the many of you who have contacted your legislators, whether by phone call or email, in opposition to the Bathroom Bill. The Judiciary Committee members could vote to send this dangerous bill to the floor of the House after any of their meetings, and we need you to keep the pressure no bathroom billon them to vote “NO” on HB1577, the Bathroom Bill!

We encourage you to share this bulletin insert with pastors, family members and friends, and ask them to distribute them in their churches. You can remind them that in 2011, a public firestorm kept public accommodations out of the Transgender Bill that passed that year, and churches led the way, maintaining the safety and privacy of women and children in locker rooms, restrooms, hospitals and homeless shelters. This new legislation would strip those protections away, and open our churches, law enforcement communities and businesses to costly civil rights lawsuits.

Please urge your pastors and parishioners to call their legislators and to sign Renew MA Coalition’s petition online at NoBathroomBill.com.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Call or email your legislator
2. Sign the petition opposing the Bathroom Bill
3. Share the petition on facebook and via email
4. Urge others to get involved by forwarding this email

Together we can stop this dangerous bill and protect the privacy of our families.



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