Allen West to be Keynote Speaker at October 16 Banquet – Register NOW!

I am delighted to announce the Honorable Allen West, decorated war hero, military advisor, Congressman, author, national news contributor and conservative leader, will be MFI’s keynote speaker at the October 16, 2015 Annual Fundraising Banquet.

The Banquet, which boasts renowned pro-family speakers each year, draws over 500 guests.
Last year, banquet tickets SOLD OUT quickly, so register now to reserve your seat!

For a complete biography on Allen West click here.

Click for complete information on our Annual Fundraising Banquet with Allen West.

As we have learned firsthand in Massachusetts, liberal activist judges are a direct threat to the family.  From creating same-sex marriage by judicial fiat, to eviscerating parental rights over the education of their children in public schools, unelected judges have promulgated radical decisions that hurt families.

But there is very good news.  Gov. Baker just signed an executive order establishing a 21-member Judicial Nominating Commission to review applications for judgeships and clerk-magistrate positions.  It’s imperative that we have pro-family representatives on that Commission who are poised to vet judges and ensure they are committed to following the Constitution-not making law to advance a liberal world-view.

We strongly encourage attorneys who espouse family values, whether practicing or retired, to apply for a seat on this board.  The deadline to apply is February 27-so please reach out to family-friendly attorneys you know and urge them to apply through the website

We have reason for optimism, friends, but must be wide awake to the culture wars around us and realize our potential for lasting change if each of us takes a stand in our own circles of influence.  I pray we all have the grace to stand up for family, faith and freedom.


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