Coalition launches radio ads against Bathroom Bill

Media Campaign to Stop Transgender Bathroom Bill Begins Airing

Woburn, MA – November 7, 2011 – Coalition for Marriage and Family has launched radio ads urging legislators on Beacon Hill to stop the Transgender Bathroom Bill from passage. Ads opposing the Bathroom Bill have aired during the past two legislative sessions and the bill has never been adopted.

“Liberal activist leaders in the legislature are focused on the wrong priorities,” said Chanel Prunier, Executive Director, Coalition for Marriage and Family. “Instead of helping create jobs, they are fixated on pushing radical social policy–it doesn’t make sense to working families. They’re out of step with the voters of the commonwealth.”

The bill’s co-sponsors have diminished significantly over the years as legislators actually read the language and as citizens learn more about how it will impact their daily lives.

“This kind of legislation threatens to create costly and difficult dilemmas for small businesses, already struggling against a stalled economy and excessive red tape,” said Representative James Lyons. “This extreme government overreach ends up costing small business persons a great deal of time and money, trying to comply with complex bureaucratic regulations. Store owners are always the ones at risk—they can face unwanted publicity and litigation. Let’s not place more burdens on small businesses.”

“As a parent and a legislator, I believe this opens the door to radical social change that takes away the rights of parents and hard-working small business owners,” said Representative Marc Lombardo. “I’m opposed to any measure that makes raising children any harder or more dangerous in Massachusetts.”

Audio versions of the ads are available below and at the Coaltion for Marriage and Family website. The text of the ads follow:

[audio:|titles=little boy radio ad coalition for marriage & family]

[audio:|titles=lawsuits radio ad coalition for marriage & family]

Little boy’s voice: “Mommy, my teacher used to be a man, but today he says that he is a woman. I don’t understand. Could that happen to me?”
Narrator: “Why is the legislature focused on the Transgender-Bathroom Bill, rather than creating jobs and fixing our economy?
Call your legislators at 617-722-2000. Tell them to stop wasting time with radical social policy, and start helping put people back to work.
Paid for by the Coalition for Marriage and Family

The Bathroom Bill is also the Transgender Lawsuits Bill. In other states, similar legislation has resulted in expensive discrimination lawsuits against small businesses and cash-strapped cities and towns. Beacon Hill again has the wrong priorities. Call your state representatives at 617-722-2000, and tell them we can’t afford legislation that creates frivolous lawsuits that kill jobs. Our elected officials need to focus on creating jobs instead.
Paid for by the Coalition for Marriage and Family

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