Celebration over, battles ongoing

Dear Friends of the Family,

There have been times throughout our 20-year history that we celebrated massive victories, and times when we mourned some hard-fought losses. But last Friday night, with 500 supporters at the MFI 20th Anniversary Gala, it was a time to remember both wins and losses and everything in between.

And while we had a most wonderful evening of vibrant fellowship, fine dining, dynamic testimony, fantastic music and celebratory dancing, the work of MFI goes on. Here is a quick update on our priorities between now and Christmas:

  • Bathroom Bill – With the focus on Beacon Hill being on the economy and casino gambling, there continues to be little appetite for controversial bills. Nonetheless, House Speaker DeLeo and his leadership team are getting intense pressure from anti-family legislators to move the bill out of the Judiciary Committee. We remain committed to keeping this flawed bill from becoming law.
  • Casino Gambling – The House and Senate are both meeting in conference committee to put a final bill before Governor Patrick. It appears that it’s just a matter of time before casinos come to Massachusetts despite the fact that there has never been an independent assessment of their economic and social impact. Please take just 2 minutes to call Governor Patrick at 617-725-4995 and tell him you oppose the casino bills approved by the House and Senate. (Click Here for a letter that highlights the bill’s bad deal.)
  • The Truth Project – There is a parallel battle that we are fighting in Massachusetts alongside the visible public policy fights, and it is a spiritual battle. Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project is a fantastic tool for pastors and ministry leaders to help Christians have a Biblical worldview to not just engage the culture, but the powers and principalities that are perverting it. We are holding another Truth Project training event, this time in Medway, on December 3. CLICK HERE for more information.

God’s amazing grace, working through many great and devoted people over the last 20 years, has made MFI known both regionally and nationally. Dedicated men and women have given generously of their time and their treasure, and most of all, have consistently prayed for God’s blessings on our work. We truly appreciate and are most grateful for all our supporters, donors and volunteers.

As fellow citizens who at their core hold family values and a commitment to faith, family and freedom above everything else, we have never had it easy in Massachusetts. But plowing this rocky soil only us only makes us stronger! I look forward to continuing our partnership for another two decades as we fight side-by-side for our great Commonwealth.

For our families,


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