Scott Brown and Planned Parenthood

You and I both know we have had our differences with Senator Scott Brown’s votes since he arrived in Washington, but we continue to hope that federal funding of abortion is one issue we continue to see eye to eye. However, if you were to believe media reports, Brown has come out whole-heartily in support of Planned Parenthood and their receiving of taxpayer funds. Even NARAL has praised his words.

Here’s what Brown said:

“I support family planning and health services for women. Given our severe budget problems, I don’t believe any area of the budget is completely immune from cuts. However, the proposal to eliminate all funding for family planning goes too far. As we continue with our budget negotiations, I hope we can find a compromise that is reasonable and appropriate.”

Here is MCFL’s analysis of the situation and Sen. Brown’s comments:

The reporting has confused the provision of H.R. 1 that zeroes out Title X for the rest of the fiscal year (on which MCFL has taken no position), with the Pence Amendment, which does NOT reduce funding for Title X but which denies federal funding, from any program, for PPFA and its affiliates. Brown clearly expressed disagreement with the former provision, but he made no comment on the Pence Amendment.

Brown has pledged to vote against abortion funding. Title X money is not supposed to be used for abortions. Of course you are right – the funds are fungible, Planned Parenthood is doing a lot of murky things, they don’t even provide some of the services they are touting, they have said they don’t need federal money, a few years ago they could not account for hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funds, etc.

Please take 5 minutes today to CALL Sen. Brown’s offices, both Boston and Washington, and ask him to continue to uphold his pledge to oppose taxpayer funding of abortion and support the Pence Amendment. Your PHONE CALLS more than your emails will help in this effort. Remind him of his campaign pledge and his long record of opposing taxpayer funding for abortion, and mention the scandals that continue to plague Planned Parenthood.

Washington: 202.224.4543
Boston: 617.565.3170


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