For Families

Family Rights

Healthy families are the foundation of a strong and free society. Massachusetts Family Institute is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming the biblical values upon which it is based. Today, the family is under attack from many different directions. MFI is here to provide resources that will help the family thrive and prosper.

Parents are entrusted with the precious gift of their children and it is their responsibility to care for them and to protect their well-being. Parental rights are being increasingly challenged today and one place that is happening is in the doctor’s office. Know your rights and be proactive when taking your child to see a medical professional.

Students in Massachusetts do not leave their First Amendment rights behind when they walk through the schoolhouse doors. What many people, including teachers and school administrators, often don’t seem to realize is that our laws have very strong protections for the rights of students to pray, study God’s word and talk to their fellow students about faith. Read the Student Rights Handbook to learn how to safeguard freedom of speech while at school.

The issues surrounding “gender identity” or “transgenderism” are still new for many of us, but they have already deeply affected families here in the Commonwealth. We are, therefore, very grateful for the tremendous work done by our national partners at Family Policy Alliance in creating a Parent Resource Guide. Read and share this important guide with friends, your priest or pastor, and give a copy to local school administrators.