Federal Court lifts ban on public prayer at Texas graduation

According to Fox News, a federal appeals court has lifted the order banning public prayer at a Texas high school graduation last Saturday. The reversal comes on the heels of increasing criticism of a federal judge’s earlier ruling that agreed with the parents of one graduating student that religious expression during the ceremony would cause “irreparable harm” to their son. The 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals thought differently, reversing the judge’s ruling the day before graduation, allowing students to say the word “amen” and invite the audience to pray during the ceremony.

Though this case took place in Texas, it highlights the need for extra protections and guidance for students and school districts about religious expression on school property, and during class and school functions like graduation. MFI has once again filed the Student Religious Freedom Bill (HB 2715). A hearing is scheduled for October 4, and we will be emailing you more about this as we get closer to that date.


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