Act now! Help protect MA schools from gender madness!

We’ve told you before about the Biden Administration’s outrageous and troubling rewrite of the Title IX rules. These expansive and complicated rules, scheduled to go into effect on August 1st, 2024, attempt to redefine “sex” to include “gender identity,” threatening fairness, privacy, safety, and free speech in educational institutions across the US. Read below to learn how you can push back.

In conservative-leaning states where the law still recognizes the biological reality of the sex binary, these new Title IX rules threaten to cause major upheaval to the public education system. In Massachusetts, the new Title IX rules won’t have as much of an impact, because some of the worst parts of the rules are already enshrined in state law. In MA, public school students are already allowed to use the public restroom that aligns with their “gender identity,” and girls have already lost their right to privacy and are forced to share a locker room with a biological male, if that male “identifies” as female. And while athletic participation was not expressly addressed in the new rules, we know that because of MIAA policies, MA girls are already being forced to compete against boys, and often losing athletic opportunities or being injured in the process. 

But the new Title IX rules still spell trouble for MA families, because they put the force of the federal government behind the bad ideas that our MA legislators have already voted into law (and in some cases, expand on them). The new Title IX rules provide a convenient excuse for woke school administrators to push more gender ideology onto students, and school committees afraid of violating Title IX may feel pressured to go along. Administrators in cash-strapped districts will fear being subject to a lengthy and burdensome Title IX complaint, not to mention the financial penalties that can be levied against a district deemed non-compliant. The 1500+ pages of the new Title IX regulations are so complicated that busy school officials are likely to over-comply, rather than risk being found in violation of rules that they likely do not even have the time to understand. Even in progressive MA, these new rules would push the public school system closer to the edge of gender insanity.

Don’t despair, though, because we have great news! We just learned that Alliance Defending Freedom won an injunction against these dangerous rules. Because of the injunction won in the case State of Kansas vs. US Department of Education, the new Title IX rules are banned from taking effect in schools that are attended by members of Young America’s Foundation and the children of Moms for Liberty members nationwide (yes, even in MA)!

To ensure that MA schools are protected, we are encouraging all MA parents to join Moms for Liberty before July 15th. The injunction applies to individual schools and not whole school districts, so help protect the school where your child attends by signing up. To join Moms for Liberty, click here or text LIBERTY to 53445 to get more information and sign up.

Moms for Liberty must deliver a list of all schools with their members to the judge by July 15, so if you aren’t already a Moms for Liberty member at large, please register now (dads can also join). Becoming a member of Moms for Liberty is free, and joining now will make sure your child’s school is included in the Title IX exemption. You aren’t obligated to do anything else as a member—your membership will simply provide you with news, updates, and access to exclusive trainings, tools, and events from Moms for Liberty. 

If you have a child in a MA public school (or any educational facility that receives public funds) – don’t wait! Join Moms for Liberty today and stop the Biden Administration from pushing more gender insanity into your child’s school day. And if you don’t have a school-aged child, please share this important information today with all your friends and family who do!

MFI would like to thank our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom for fighting to stop these reckless and overreaching rules, and Moms for Liberty for being a staunch supporter of parental rights!

Help MFI continue its vital work protecting children in education with a generous gift today!


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