Pregnancy Resource Centers Save Millions, Yet Face Unconstitutional Attacks

This week marked what would have been the 51st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Instead, we are celebrating the over 30,000 babies saved since it was overturned in June of 2022. Through the tireless work of thousands of pro-life advocates, amazing triumphs for life have been won. The March for Life this past weekend was a fantastic example of just how diverse and strong the pro-life movement truly is. At the frontlines of this movement are the individuals who staff and support pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), whose incredible success is undeniable.

Care Net, a national network of pregnancy resource centers that has a strong presence in Massachusetts, recently celebrated over 1 million lives saved through its affiliated pregnancy centers. If Care Net’s numbers are any indication, PRCs have likely saved  2.5 million lives since 2008. This network represents just a few of the numerous PRCs in Massachusetts.

The millions of lives saved are exactly why PRCs are so important. Planned Parenthood and enraged pro-abortion activists have set their sights on destroying PRCs as revenge for the massive legal defeat they suffered when Roe was overturned. MFI has stood by PRCs as everyone from petty vandals to our own attorney general launched attacks against them. MFI has defeated efforts in both Easthampton and Worcester to enact discriminatory city ordinances. One proposed ordinance would have fined PRCs hundreds of dollars for engaging in “deceptive advertising” while giving Planned Parenthood free rein, while another would have forced PRCs to put unnecessary disclaimers on everything they publish.

The most recent attack on MA PRCs came from the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health who released a memorandum earlier this month signaling his intention to target the licenses of pro-life medical professionals in MA. MFI immediately acted against this outrageous memorandum. In his response to the commissioner, MFI staff attorney Sam Whiting stated “Massachusetts Family Institute will draw on every resource, pursue every remedy and partner with every ally to protect the lifesaving and life-giving work of pregnancy resource centers in Massachusetts. We stand ready to take legal action as necessary to defend these centers.” 

 MFI encourages you to join us in supporting the charitable work of local PRCs. They selflessly walk alongside women, providing support, love, and real healthcare. But they need your support to continue doing so. Get connected to your local PRC through MFI’s recently updated PRC list.

MFI will never stop standing for the constitutional rights of PRCs. Would you join us in this fight to protect this lifesaving and life-giving work? Please consider a donation to help us safeguard life in the Commonwealth.


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