When the Medical Profession Can No Longer Be Trusted

I purposefully don’t ask you to sign a lot of petitions because there are always so many going around, BUT I believe this one is important.  Kris Mineau and I have written to you in the past about our friend Dr. Paul Church, an accomplished urologist who has been blackballed by Boston hospitals for stating medical fact – that male to male sexual contact is unhealthy.  (The CDC admits as much here, and our friends at FRC have documented this extensively here.)

Dr. Church describes his ordeal as, “an unprecedented effort to silence and punish me for speaking out against the politically correct doctrine of the uberliberals now controlling Boston medical institutions… The hospitals have decided that they can ride roughshod over those who oppose their liberal agenda and their willingness to act as propaganda tools for the LGBT activists. Fortunately, I have been blessed with strong support along the way from the Mass Family Institute,CMDA, the Catholic Medical Association, the American Family Association, MassResistance, Liberty Counsel, conservative talk radio, family and friends, church groups, and thousands of people who signed petitions in 2015.

What can you do to help?  Sign the latest petition going out from CitizenGo.  They only ask for 200 signers, but why not exceed the 15,000 we had the first time?  People should be upset about what is happening, and how I have been subjected to this unprecedented level of censorship for speaking the truth medically and holding to traditional moral and religious convictions.”

Let these hospitals know that you stand with Dr. Church and value the freedom to speak the truth. Sign the petition here.

I signed this morning.  Here are the local hospitals that are willing to turn a blind eye to science and medicine in order to promote the social and political agenda of homosexuality:



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) where Dr. Church worked for 28 years. Brigham & Women’s Faulkner, where he also worked for 28 years, and Beth Israel Deaconess-Needham, where he worked for over six years. St. Elizabeth’s in Boston recently rejected his application to work there because of the actions of the first three hospitals. He has also been dismissed from an independent urology clinic, Men’s Health Boston.

If our hospitals are willing to ignore medical fact for political purposes in these instances, will it not become difficult to trust them in others?  Sadly, these institutions are not alone.  At the hearing on the counseling ban in June, there was a three member panel from Boston Children’s Hospital who testified that counseling youth out of a homosexual lifestyle or against transgender surgery was child abuse.  And let us not forget, it was BCH that decided Justina Pelletier needed a “parentectomy” and caused her to be separated from her family for over year.

This makes groups like the Christian Medical and Dental Association more important than ever.  I told Dr. Church recently that this failure of major medical institutions was deeply troubling for me as a parent who has to rely on a morally compromised healthcare system to care for my family when needed.  Doctors like Paul Church and Michelle Cretella (who is also one of the few who will publicly speak the truth on these issues) will have to restore the credibility of the medical profession once the waves of the sexual revolution recede and reveal the devastation in their wake.

For our families,


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