Fight Back Against the Counseling Ban!

Yesterday’s hearing on the Counseling Ban bill should be a wake-up call to families.  The LGBTQ lobby was out in full force in an effort to push through legislation that would prevent children from getting the help they need to deal with unwanted sexual feelings or gender confusion.  After MFI raised the alarm about this hearing last week, we were contacted by several people who have escaped various “alternative lifestyles” through counseling, and they are very concerned about this bill.  One of them, a young man from West Springfield, testified yesterday that, “As a result of the counseling I received, I am now a happily married man to the most beautiful woman alive and a daddy to the most adorable newborn girl!”  His wife and six-week-old infant came with him to be present for his powerful testimony.

Samuel Brinton after testifying at yesterday’s hearing

But if it were up to activists like Samuel Brinton, who is leading a nationwide campaign attempting to ban this type of counseling called “50 Bills 50 States,” this help would be off limits to children.  Unfortunately, Connecticut and Rhode Island recently passed similar bills, and activists like Brinton are demanding that Massachusetts be the next state to do so.

If this bill passes, licensed mental health professionals in the Bay State would be prohibited from helping, for example, a gender confused 14 year-old girl from simply feeling comfortable in her own skin and identifying with her biological reality.  This is despite the fact that 75-90% of children outgrow gender confusion by late adolescence with therapy that affirms biological sex.  The bill also labels therapy that helps children reduce unwanted sexual feelings as child abuse, even when those undesired feelings are the result of actual abuse or trauma.

Massachusetts Family Institute, joined with nearly a dozen local pastors, counselors, and national experts on counseling for unwanted sexual feelings, was also at the hearing, and is leading the charge to push back against this destructive agenda in the Bay State. (See our press release on yesterday’s testimony here.) But the fight against this bill isn’t going away anytime soon, and that’s why we need your help! Legislators need to hear from you why this legislation is so dangerous, and why parents and children should be able to choose the therapy they want to receive from counselors without interference from state legislators.

Please call or email your legislators TODAY, and tell them you oppose House Bill 1190 and Senate Bill 62!


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