Keep the governor’s phone lines ringing!


We are hearing that people are now able to get through to the governor’s office and talk to a live person. If you weren’t able to get through yesterday or this morning, call now and tell him to VETO the Bathroom Bill!

Call the Boston Office at 617.725.4005
Call the Springfield Office at 413.784.1200

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As of 8 o’clock last night, both of the Governor’s voicemail boxes (Boston and Springfield offices) were already full.  The offices are scheduled to open at 9 a.m. today.  Please start calling again then to tell the Governor to veto the Bathroom Bill, and keep calling until you get through!

Boston Office: 617-725-4005

Springfield Office: 413-784-1200

Local media is reporting that there were more people at the State House yesterday than for any other issue in the past two years.  I believe that is true, and the vast majority were with us in opposition to this terrible bill.  I’ve spoken to many people who are just now learning about the Bathroom Bill and the threat to privacy and safety it presents, and they are appalled.  Let’s make sure the Governor continues to hear from ALL of us.  Tell him to veto the Bathroom Bill!


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*UPDATE: The governor’s Boston office voicemail is FULL. Please call his Western Massachusetts office at 413.784.1200.

Dear Friend of the Family,

A few moments ago, the MA House of Representatives voted to pass the Transgender Bathroom Bill.  Although this is disappointing, what is truly disturbing is the House’s absolute refusal to accept any amendments which might have provided safeguards for women and children in places like locker rooms or public showers. The bill as passed allows registered sex offenders to claim a gender identity in order to access whatever bathroom they want. The bill does not exempt churches or women’s shelters from having to yield to the demands of a man claiming to be a woman. The bill also makes it a crime for a parent to question a biological man who seeks to use the same locker room or bathroom as their daughter. The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Charlie Baker, who said just yesterday that he is inclined to sign it into law.

THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE! Please call the governor’s office RIGHT NOW at 617.725.4005 and demand he veto this dangerous legislation. Share this message with your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.  The picture above is of the hundreds of pro-family supporters with us at the State House today who marched down to the governor’s office to tell him in person. Make sure he hears from you NOW!

For our families,

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