MEDIA RELEASE: Sex Ed Mandate to be Debated Wednesday in Senate

Massachusetts Family Institute | Media Release

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Sex Ed Mandate to be Debated Wednesday in Senate

Mass Family Institute:  Deceptive bill takes away local control from schools and requires graphic and offensive material for children as young as 11. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

WOBURN — As Massachusetts State Senators prepare to vote on Senate Bill 2048, “An act relative to healthy youth,” Massachusetts Family Institute is raising the alarm about the consequences of this legislation.  MFI President Andrew Beckwith is telling legislators that, “SB2048 needlessly eliminates local control on sensitive issues surrounding sex education and leads directly to the promotion of offensive and age-inappropriate material to young children.”

As evidence of this, MFI recently released excerpts from some of the sexual health curricula which would be implemented should this bill pass.  According to Beckwith, the bill would deem the following content “age appropriate” for sixth graders as young as 11 years old (MFI apologizes for the graphic terminology deemed appropriate for children):

  • Discussing getting a girl drunk so a boyfriend can make out with her
  • Introducing masturbation by an older brother

Content deemed “age appropriate” for seventh graders (as young as 12 years old) includes:

  • Explaining to students that a dental dam is “placed over the vulva… or anus during oral sex.  Can also use non-microwavable saran wrap…”   This material is alleged to be “medically accurate.”
  • Instructing students to give advice to a teenager in the following scenario:

“I had a couple of beers and then somebody handed me a joint… The next thing I knew I was in the bedroom with Lamar… We ended up having sex, and I don’t even know if he used a condom, because I was so high…”

  • A “role play” exercise where students must convince a partner that sex will still feel good with a condom.
  • Students learning the Japanese word for male masturbation means “one thousand strokes,” as part of a “cross-cultural perspective” on abstinence.
  • Students reading teenagers’ graphic descriptions of what it feels like to masturbate.
  • Explicit instructions are given for how to prepare for and engage in “anal intercourse,” which is differentiated from “anal sex.”

“This bill would also require schools to teach high school girls how to get an abortion without parental consent,” added Beckwith. “And that is despite the fact that many of those students would be under the legal age of consent for sex in the first place.”

Under current Massachusetts law, local school districts can implement any curriculum they deem appropriate for their community. “There is simply no need to change this and force new standards on every school in the Commonwealth,” affirmed Beckwith.

Massachusetts Family Institute is a non-profit research, education, and public policy organization dedicated to strengthening the institution of the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which the family is based. 



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