MFI Weighs in on RFRA

Last week I was called upon to debate the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act on NECN.  You can watch that six-minute segment here

andrew on NECN

My opponent’s strategy was to say the word ‘discrimination’ as much as possible, particularly when faced with questions he didn’t want to answer.  Unfortunately, this is true for so many in the conflict between religious freedom and sexual freedom.  We must not forget that the very First Amendment in our Bill of Rights guarantees us the ability to live our whole lives, not just Sunday mornings, consistently with our faith.  That means what we do in school and the workplace, as well as in our homes and churches.  Our Constitution places no such priority on various forms of sexual expression.  Nevertheless, there will be situations where one person’s sexual freedoms come into conflict with another’s religious freedoms.  What laws like Indiana’s original RFRA say is that there has to be a balancing of those rights and freedoms, and it gives both parties their day in court.

However, the pursuit of GLBTQIA ‘rights’ is not even stopping at forcing small business owners to celebrate homosexual unions.  Now they are seeking to prevent parents from communicating their religious beliefs and values to their own children. Just yesterday, President Obama signaled his support for outlawing Biblical mental health treatment for minors struggling with same sex attraction or gender confusion.  MFI and our friends in the pro-family movement were successful in stopping legislation to do just this in MA last session, but an identical bill is working its way through the state legislature now.  We will keep you posted on any developments.

As we see with so much of the pansexual agenda, children are constantly being targeted.  This is true whether it’s Planned Parenthood’s sex ‘education’ in the public schools or censoring what therapists can say to minor clients.  Fortunately, some of the children hurt by the same-sex ‘marriage’ movement are beginning to speak out about their experiences.

Two weeks ago, I shared with you an open letter by a young woman raised by lesbians where she discussed her yearning for a father.  This week I recommend to you a second article by a man who also was raised by a same-sex couple in which he urges us not to shy away from the fact that children deserve a mother and a father.  That’s the message true marriage sends, which separates it categorically from any same-sex institution.  God’s design for the family – father, mother, child – is best for children and so is worthy of governmental encouragement and support.  This is common sense, but it bears repeating and is worth defending.

For our families,
andrew s full blue


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